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The first 3 came with mounting hardware. It’s a real bitch trying to find hardware that allows the camera to be mounted let alone mounted upside down in a tight fitting area. I have all 3 cameras and this damn pan is so big and bulky with that stupid Ass tripod ascrew hole. Who is going to put it on a tripod? At least you could of made it with a magnet also. But no, you didn’t even give it a way to be adjusted like the first two cameras. I’ll never get the pan again, I’m sticking to the small well engineered v2. You guys really screwed up Wyze Cam with pan!


Wow! I’ll get my pan camera on Tuesday from UPS and can’t wait to see what you mean about mounting it. I think the camera screw mount is genius. I never thought about that. Once I get it mounted up and wires fished thru the wall I’ll post a picture up. I was just going to set it on the fireplace mantelpiece but this gives me the option of mounting it out of arms reach (i.e. Ceiling).


I kind of agree with you (in a way) and mostly not. The Pan is a different product, not intended to be as small and compact as the V2. The realities of physics will not let it be much smaller or lighter. As such, a magnet would not be strong enough or stable enough (considering the movement and weight). There are many, many inexpensive mounts that mate to the 1/4 inch screw mount, such as these:

That said, here’s where I agree… I would much rather have a fixed camera in the corner of a room, that covers the whole room without having to worry about panning and zooming and what it might miss if it’s not pointed the right way. I replaced my previous PTZ cameras with V1/V2s and glad I did. PTZ does have it uses though. I currently use my Pan when traveling to be able to cover the hotel room without trying to find a good temp spot for a fixed camera.

If you’re not happy with the Pan, I’d suggest you sell it on eBay and get another V2 instead. Or contact Wyze and see if they’d be willing to make an exchange for a V2.


Here’s an example of a REALLY easy way to mount the camera upside down on the ceiling. It’s called a hanger bolt. One end is a wood screw and the other end is machine screw. Put the wood screw through the ceiling into a ceiling joist. Then thread the camera onto the machine screw end. Here is a link that I found in a few seconds for a hanger bolt from Lowes. The machine screw end may be a little long on this one, but it should give you the idea. You can always screw the wood screw end in farther or cut some of the machine screw end off.

As for the uses for the Pan, I agree with RickO that for the most part for security purposes, multiple fixed cameras are generally better. I did just come up with a situation a couple days ago where the pan was very useful. I have a Pan sitting on top of a cabinet in essentially a hallway inside my house. It was just a convenient place to put it for initial testing. The weather here has been hot enough that the room AC in the family room has been on 24x7 since early July. A couple nights ago it actually cooled off enough that I opened the windows and turned off the AC and turned on a fan that sucks outside air in through the window. The expectation was my older son (young adult) would close the window when he got up and likely turn the AC back on. Late morning I’m at work and get a high temp alarm in the family room. Obviously he had not turned on the AC. Pulled up the Pan Cam and turned it around towards the window to see if it was open. Not only was it open, but the fan was still turned on blowing the 95 degree outside air into the house. Kids! Sent him a text suggesting that maybe closing the window might be a good idea!



I bought my pancam to put in my living room but found out, I don’t need it in there, I can see the whole room , So it just sets In one spot and doesn’t move .

I do have another spot I can Mount it and be able to turn it and see 3 different rooms, In the home position it will be able to see the front entry , so that’s where it will end up , Still won’t be any reason to set it to pan and scan


This male threaded magnet installs on the CamPan with ease, and allows you to place it almost anywhere. Another option, as it were…


I mounted my Pan in the upper recess of a window sill- it overlooks the driveway of our condo mostly, but if we’re out of town I like having the ability to swivel it around to face the living room, just in case something trips my V1 entry cam alert.

This mount did the trick- it’s not too bulky and has a small footprint that can lend itself to being placed just about anywhere:




Or do what I did when it pissed me off enough to finally put an end to my frustration.

I stomped the shit out of it. It didn’t want to do what I wanted it to do. Ok with me, then I’ll make sure I win by ensuring it will not do what I want it to do EVER!

I’ve never been at peace as much as I was after pulverizing that crap. And who ever said sell on eBay… it’s a cheap piece of shit. You ain’t going to make anything off of it for the work you’ll have to do to get it sold. However I do have one I’ll sell someone. It’s brand new. And if you like puzzles, even better.


Sent this info to our product team so we can evaluate and help find solution.


We will launch Pan mounting kit during thanksgiving week and that’s will allow you install your pan on the wall or ceiling.


Brackets used to mount residential hand rails are $5 at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Mount the camera with a 1/4-20 half inch bolt and screw the bracket to the wall


It makes the whole camera assembly to bulky and large. You should of just put a powerful magnet on the bottom like the v1 and v2. So simple but can’t dyi because of the rubber pad. But never mind, there isn’t any answer you can give that will satisfy me. Besides the crap is in the garbage already.

David Bush