Motions sensitivity is too sensitive with new update on Wyze camera

Just curious…I’m only having this sensitively/zone detection problem on the one cam that uses the free 12 second cloud storage. All my other cams are on Cam+ and have no problems with the new updates. Anyone else see this?

Well all of my cams are on the free 12 second plan. And are having issues…

@Hemi is there a way to swap camera plans and see if the issue follows the free version?

Yep, I put the problem cam on Cam+ and nothing changed, so I guess that blows that theory. Good suggestion though :+1:.

With the old firmware, the the person detection was rock solidify. Maybe one false detection power month. Now with the 218 firmware update I’m getting many false person detections, i turned off the wyze Ai detection, I adjusted the area down and the sensitivity down and still get false person detections. I’ve submited a bunch of them via the “Submit this video to help research”. Will my submitting them help?

Yup, Wyze AI is now so good all my cameras are picking up minute Quantum Particles and triggering alerts I’m (fortunately) unable to see.
It needs to be fixed!


:rofl: that’s awesome

rollback waaaayyyy back…

Hello everyone,

For those who had problem with too sensitive motion detection, how do you feel about the .224 firmware now? Please let me know if that meets your expectation.

P.S: .224 is still in beta testing, not officially released yet.

Thank you.

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I have 1 new V3 camera I just setup a few days ago and now have sensitivity set to “1” and it triggers with tiny particles of like dust in the air (at night only) that I cannot see at night. Also I see what looks like a single strand of spider web zoom by and it triggers. I went out to see there were no spider webs anywhere near the camera. With it set to sensitivity 1 I get motion notifications every 5-15 minutes all night. None during the day.

I am experiencing the same issue with Wyze AI Detection also referred to as Person Detection for Cam Plus members. I logged support Ticket 967988. I could care less how sensitive the vision algorithm is (IF) I was only notified for people - after this release Person Detection accuracy dropped to 1 out of 50 events. Support wants me to flash the firmware to an older version - given that Wyze AI Detection isnt’ on the camera anymore what good is reverting back to older firmware unless its back to