Motion tracking & tagging are not working


I bought a new wyze cam pan from amazon yesterday, I did all required setup steps and its working fine except the motion tracking and tagging, the firmware version is

any ideas?


Have you turned Motion Tracking and Tagging on? They will be Green if they are on, see below:


Yes, They are on, and green. I don’t get the green box for motion tagging. Set up like the older one I’ve been using

That is odd and certainly not what you would want or expect. Are you able to see the live view via the app okay?

The love view works, and I can trigger a video upload with a motion sensor. I’ve already opened a story ticket, so we’ll see what they have to say

Please do let us know what you find out. I would be very interested. But either way I hope your issue is resolved!

I was just in a support chat with Kyanna, and when I moved the cameras to where I had easy access to them, they started working properly. I tried power cycling them several times. Maybe this time, everything just clicked. I didn’t change anything, but they are now doing what they are supposed to do. Go figure

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