Motion Sickness?

I have to say, this is a little crazy. I had motion tracking on, and even through the ceiling fan is always in frame, the camera bounces back and forth. Eventually, so as not to wear out the motor, I disabled tracking, but this tracking algorithm needs a bit of work.


Can you set a detection zone that does not include the fan?

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Fun thing is, that’s outside the zone I set. But it tracked something from in zone to out, and once it got “caught” in this loop, it was stuck.

Setting a Pan up in a room with a running ceiling fan and turning on motion tracking is determintal to its health. We found that out in testing. :dizzy_face:

That should be put in a warning someplace.

Omg Im sorry this is happening. And I disabled mine from doing this just because of fans. But I just laughed so hard at seeing this. This is absolutely hilarious… Again Im sorry.

Sometimes they get lonely, and start looking for their master.

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My pan cams have had their fair share of motion detection issues-usually related to returning to detection zone. I don’t typically use tracking because I’m usually monitoring for security and the camera motor noise is a giveaway.
Your video is hilarious- I’m sorry it’s at your expense!