Motion Sensors v2 failing - back online and motion detected <1 minute

The motion sensors_v2 keep false triggering with a motion detected <1 minute log throughout the day. Obviously I changed the batteries (twice to be redundant) and now it persists with the sensor enclosed in a container without motion and pointing towards a wall so there is no actual motion… This is my 3rd motion_v2 sensor that it has happened. The first two from delivery in March-April 2021 and the other from warranty replacement in September 2021… It is strange if they are all defective.

Has anyone else experienced the following symptoms:
initially the motion sensor will start acting up by showing the notification: “Sensor name” is back online in the monitoring tab in the app. There is a selection to Check my device which only shows that the sensor is good, battery good, signal good.
After a few times of this over the span of days, then the sensor starts detecting motion in random intervals throughout the entire day/night all with <1 minute motion detected.

The real problem is that twice before I removed the sensors from the “armed” state of my monitoring system they triggered an alarm response which if I could not respond to the Noonlight messages, calls they would have notified the police… Thus I would be liable for any false alarm call which can be costly, plus all the inconvenience of an alarm system that the motion sensors are defective

I am sharing here my experience as i am one of the early adopters of the home security with Noonlight / Wyze Sense Hub. I installed it in May 2021 along with 2 motion sensors_v2 and 5 entry sensors_v2.
The motion sensors v2 keep failing after some time (I think especially if they see more action on a daily basis).
Btw, the Noonlight calls, texts are immediate and very professional, kudos to them!
Any thoughts, comments?

-sensors within the same room of wyze hub, no connection issues of hub to any sensors or wifi.
-batteries all new from factory but also to try with brand new Duracell or freshly charged rechargeable ones,
-there is absolutely no actual motion on my part, no pets, nothing IR detectable, not even robot vacuums, the sensors in the same environment perform great for months before starting to fail and suddenly start triggering the <1minute motion. I f I swap that failing sensor with a new one, immediately there is no detected motion…

I have 3 v2 motion sensors and the issue I have is that they go off ALL the time with no motion. I had to disable them from my AWAY setup because they always go off. They are obviously flawed because all 3 do it to me, without fail. If I set my alarm and no one is home (no pets) the alarm goes off 100% of the time from one of the 3 sensors. I love Wyze but I loathe their alarm and wish I didn’t buy it.

I agree with you that Noonlight is always very professional but I can imagine that they hate Wyze because of those motion sensors.