Motion sensor vs sense

I did all of that most of that was suggested by tech-support and the rest of it I did on my own every single one of those steps I’ve done. I appreciate the steps and the help that you’ve tried to provide but if you get anything else I’ll sure give it a whirl. Thanks a lot

Only other thing that comes to mind is that the sensor is too far from the bridge or there are too many obstacles in the way (thick walls, etc.) so that the clear signal might not be making it back to the bridge. But I’m guessing you’ve thought of that already.

Ya I do that. I was hoping for one rule. Seems to me it could be done in one rule at some point.

At this point I’m just waiting for support to get back to me on this. I’ve done everything that I can possibly think to do and that they’ve told me to do and it will not go off of motion even after I’ve deleted it deleted the camera and deleted the sensor etc… Once everything is done as soon as it’s all connected it says motion. It will not go off of motion.

And since the light is supposed to go off when it clears I am manually turning the light off because it’s never clearing

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The weird thing is it worked fine for about two weeks and then about four days ago is when it started doing this. So it was working just fine and now all of a sudden it just will not work at all no matter what I try no matter what I reset no matter what I delete nothing seems to work it just wants to stay in motion constantly.

I would lean toward a faulty motion sensor. However, if you wanted to eliminate something in the room causing it, you could try switching places with your other motion sensor and see if the problem moves to the other room. That’s the only extra thing I can think of.

Yeah that was my only other thought too

In my opinion definitely faulty. It just randomly cleared about a half an hour ago. And shut off the light. Now it’s back on motion it’s been on for 10 minutes straight and it will not clear again. So something is obviously wrong with the motion sensor. And I’m still waiting for support to get back to me from two days ago.

this is a stretch…but, could you have been subject to the “there must be 1” network merge happening lately?
2nd stretch…mouse?

Sorry I’m not sure what you mean by the One network merge I’m not familiar with that.

And I know it’s not a mouse problem because I have three indoor cats and four outdoor cats and we haven’t had any mice since we built the house. One of the advantages of having all the cats amongst the various disadvantages of having the cats. Lol

I had 3 at 1 time, damn cats would sit there and do nothing.
The dense cat (size and god awfully stupid near sighted crossed eyed thing) would go to a mouse and drop next to/on it as if cuddling.
2 of the 3 indoor/outdoor, dumbdumb, indoor only since if he got out he couldnt find the door 1 ft away to re-enter.
the 2 ate birds, chipmunks, squirrels etc, but house mouse…safe, go figure.

Networks wise, the Asus router optimization, fios SON, I believe uverse & dlink rolled out some similar functions where the networks are being essentially merged, renamed/passworded, similar to enterprise networks w single SSID & password.

This honked me up for a few days in December when it was announced as being rolled out but not active, where in fact it was active out the gate.

Like I said, a stretch, but something to look at

I’m on Netgear Orbi.

The outdoor cats eat the mice and then throw up the parts they don’t want right in front of the door. They eat birds but leave the heads in the garage. And then they’ll dig up the moles and kill them but they won’t eat them at all. they bring them and drop them off at the front door like a trophy. Which is actually good because it is really helped our yard because we don’t have any moles anymore.

Wyze support just got back to me and said with all the troubleshooting that I’ve done they agree defective. Great warranty and very timely I am pleased.


This is why I love Wyze and continue to buy more and more of your products. You stand behind them and you do so in a friendly and also timely manner. Please pass on my thanks to everyone that helped troubleshoot my issues I very much appreciate their help


So no indoor outdoors?
Lucky you, no squirrel guts in left in shoes.
Or bringing in chipmunks to present to you in person, dropping
them at your feet still alive, only to then spend hours chasing
and cornering the buggers?

The rest I remember semi fondly.

No. Zero indoor outdoor. When we had indoor outdoor we had a very small case of fleas and that was it for my wife. The cats that wanted to stay out stayed out and the cats that wanted to stay in stayed in. And that’s the way it’s been for five or six years now. Do you indoor cats do you have one privilege. We have a screened in porch that has two windows to it so we took the screens out and when the weathers nice we open the windows and they can jump out the windows and go out onto the screened in porch but they can’t go like actually out into the grass or anything like that they’re stuck on the porch.

I just wanted to button this up and say that I put the new motion sensor in the laundry room and since then we have had zero issues for two days now. So it was obviously the other motion sensor. Thank you Wyze for the warranty replacement and for being so quick.