Motion sensor to turn new LED light on and then off after a preset time

motion sensor for LED bulbs

We have Wyze Sense available with a motion sensor! We’re also getting close to launching Wyze Bulbs that integrate with Wyze Sense and are LED. :slight_smile:

Could you please tell us more about what you’re looking for with the timing on this one?

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I would like to be able to set a time schedule to turn on or off the sense motion sensor. The automation to turn on off the wyze bulb is turning the bulb on during daytime, based on the motion sensor. This is not useful.

Can I please confirm if the motion sensor can be used to turn Wyze lights on?

I am planning on installing Wyze lights on our landing combined with a wyze motion sensor to turn them on for instance if you are to go to the bathroom at night.

If so can you have it turn specific lights on or would all Wyze lights go on for instance in the living room as well?

Have you checked out the Wyze-Bulb support pages? I believe you may find what you’re looking for there. :slight_smile: