Motion sensor problem not logging

Are you saying that Alexa announcements are now working for you?

Yes. But I have seen some strange things with these announcements, in that last week I noted they did not work around 7 am but around 9 am they were working. Not the first time I have noted this. I am going to try some fine tuning on the cameras and announcements, I need to know exactly how they work. I did note too, that I had turned off video recording but still got videos. I also noted that while video was turned off for the cameras, there is another sneak circuit where you associate a motion detector with a camera and it records even if you have recording turned off. So hey we need a logic diagram for all this.

My contact sensor still not logging and not triggering Alexa routine. Has anybody been able to fix this problem?

Nope! My motion sensor continues to NOT do a n Alexa announcement.

Both of mine are working since I messed around in the controls yesterday.

As of 4 January 2021 at 12:08 PST, the only sensors I have that do record history are those that are not assigned to Groups, but display as individual devices. All of my sensors assigned to Groups do not show history, but rather the App reports “No Records”. This lack of history for sensors seemed to appear on 1 January 2021.

What did you do?

Here’s what I discovered:

The events are still not logged for my Contact Sensor.
When I go to the sensor’s Settings, go to Sensor Videos and deselect all the cameras, the events start getting logged.
If I select a camera to record when the sensor is opened, the recording works but the events doesn’t get logged.

The “door open” notifications on my phone is triggered every time.

If you’re having the same issue, try deactivating all the cameras for the sensor.
It might be the same with Alexa rules, try deactivating them and see if the log works again.
Please report back if you do.


Yes, it’s the same for me, when I deactivating the sensors videos setting the log works again.
But when i reactivate the sensors videos the events doesn’t get logged.

Good job, you found the problem, but now only wyze support can fix this issue.

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Alexa routine also work again after deactivating the sensors video.

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Thanks for confirming this.

It also looks like if you deactivate the Sensor Videos and then create an automation with the trigger being the Sensor opening and the Action being the Camera recording, it records and it writes to the log.

I don’t know if it’s as dependable and quick as the Sensor Videos, but it’s a workaround that should work until it gets fixed.

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I can confirm that alexa routines work after disabling sensor videos for the motion sensor. I just disabled the video for my mail box contact sensor and it now works with alexa. And all log files are working. I tried to enable the videos again and it brakes alexa again so this is the problem, if anyone wants to sit on the phone with support. Lol and tell them we fixed it for them.

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I can confirm by disabling this also worked for me as well and my routines executed as well. Great catch on this!

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Is this anything related? (Hmmm…how to do a workable link?)

Hi, I tried the automation and yes it’s work, it recording and it writes to the log and alexa routine also work. It’s a good solution until it gets fixes. Thank you !

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Well seems we might be onto one solution. I did see a sensors video and removed it last night and voila, things worked. But then I don’t think I had recently set it up. So it must have been there fore awhile.

I did in desperation, turn off and on the camera, twigged most of the apps, in both Wyze and Alexa, and things are still working. But hey friends, we need to write down what we did and how long it took to recognize a reaction.

I agree I thank you very much for figuring this out. I would never have suspected that a sensor video would cause all this problem. But it is definitely something that they did on their end that’s why everyone started to have a problem at the same time. But you can recreate the problem just by enabling the videos again so you made they job easier. Making the shortcut for the video works fine for me. Thanks again

Now that we figured what is causing the problem, could it be that after you changed the battery it worked once because the Sensor Videos was not yet set and when you enabled it, it stopped working again?

I’m just wondering if there is something else that’s causing the problem in addition to the Sensor Videos.

I’m not sure why it worked once because when I changed the battery no settings were changed. But I also deleted the motion sensor and re added it so the notification settings were all back to default. I don’t remember if I enabled the videos right after that

This worked for me. Alexa routine now triggers, and opening the door is getting logged. I didn’t assigned a camera to the sensor now, I’m happy with Alexa routine working for now.

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