Motion sensor false alarm

A few weeks ago I just installed Wyze monitoring with several motion sensors and today while I was not home I got an alarm from the dining room sensor and the police were dispatched. I got home about the same time that the police showed up and it was a false alarm. I had ADT previously and in the 7 years I had it I have never gotten a false alarm from their motion sensor. I was wondering what other people’s experiences are with false alarms from their Wyze motion sensor.

Had multiple false alarms from the motion sensors when first installed. I made the decision long ago to not trust HMS so it stays in Test mode.

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Well, that’s not encouraging news. I have not found the motion sensor v2 to give false signal when I am home by looking at the logs. I will wait and see what happen going forward. I have to use motion sensor because I have so many widows that it does not make sense to put entry sensor on all of them. I was asking the county constable who came to the house about the frequency of false alarms in general that they respond to and he said 99.99% of the time it is false alarm :slight_smile:
Thanks for the information.

Check that… I just went through the logs again and evidently there is A LOT of false motion detected at night when we are sleeping. Is Wyze doing something about it? Are they even aware of the problem>?

No idea if Wyze is doing anything with this. Too busy introducing new products. There have been multiple issues with HMS for months that are unresolved. I had too many issues to actually use it live.

I’ve had similar experience with the Motion sensor-V2. I have been through two units since being an early adopter of HMS. I was getting multiple false alarms < 1 minute. Wyze replaced my original sensor and the second sensor appears to be ok for now. Although today I received a motion alarm call from Noonlight and didn’t see anything on the camera in the same room. The alert was again <1 minute and it did not cause the camera to record anything. (settings/sensor videos). Also the three sensitivity levels don’t appear to make any difference.
After reading the other entries, I am concerned that these motion sensors are not fit for purpose and will cause multiple calls from Noonlight and/or police responses. Personally, I would be open to spending a little more for a better quality sensor if this is to be a reliable HMS offering.