Motion never caught by WyzeCam recorded myself

This is my husband leaving for work. My WYZE OUTDOOR Cam hasn’t caught him one time in 2 weeks. I finally decided to record it myself to try and figure out why the camera never picked him up. Maybe because he’s in all black like a robber. NOT GOOD.

Can you show the detection settings of the WCO? The camera PIR would pick up your husband’s body heat.

It looks like the door is in the upper part of the camera frame and if the detection zone is below that area, that could explain why it is not catching the motion.


I think @mvb got it on the first try.


My WCO is not catching my husband either. For the last day and a half. And he isn’t wearing all black. Only catching me half the time. Not a happy camper about this.

I’m sensing a theme. Maybe you should follow those guys. :wink:

? I’m not following ? Sorry.

Just a bad joke about following the husbands to see what they’re up to after successfully evading the cameras.

Oh lmao yeah. Sneaky lil cherubs they are :wink:

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Do you have detection zone turned on?

I have been having issues with a couple of my cameras notifying me of detection as well. 2 of which have Cam Plus licenses. I watch cars and people go past my front window and wait for the notification and it hasn’t happened. Today I decided to turn off the detection zone on all of my cameras, and I started getting notification.

If you have detection zone turned on, can you turn it off to see if it notifies you at next departure for work.

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thank u for the tip! I’ll turn it off and hopefully it helpe. bc it’s not recording anything today .

You need the PIR on for the camera to wake and you can’t turn it off. The new detection zone grid for motion is a different story. You need to select the area you want to view I guess, I just tapped the entire grid so I can see motion in the entire camera view. You can turn that off if you want. How far is the cam from the doorway and how is detection zone set? See my answers to another post here:

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It worked !!! Thanks again!


Was it moving the PIR, turning off the Detection Zone, or expanding the detection zone that you believe helped?

Happy you got recording going for. Trying to collect some data so I can provide feedback to WYZE support.

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I turned off the detection and got a ton of notifications and now its working like it should


Thank you for the feedback!

We are back to no notification and no event recording in the cam outdoor. So beyond frustrated. Today of all days. I lock the dead bolt when I leave on my motorhome. It’s alittle Jenky but it works. Come home hours later. Door is ajar. Not even a F@#% Y%@ from the camera. Crickets.

Additionally position cam so it get no reflection light from cam on any surface close of cam. I see some reflection light on right.