Motion detection with no motion!

Confirmed by support that CMC is only supposed to work in the US and Canada.
Not sure why the location would be an issue but clearly either my ISP is blocking the server or the server is checking location and refusing the connection.

Glad you got it figured out. Great deck by the way!

Update on this one. Since turning off CMC the pan cam has been behaving itself connectivity-wise. However its motion detection is definitely screwed. It detects motion when there isn’t any, and mostly misses actual motion. On the rare occasions it does recognise actual motion, it tags it in the green box (and if I turn on motion tracking it does track) but it always fails to record an event. I have reset and re-added the cam but can’t fix this.
Weirdly it all started when I switched on CMC, but only the connectivity issue was resolved after switching it off.
I’ll wait to see if a firmware update clears the issue, otherwise I might bin this one and look for a replacement.