Motion Detection - minimum length of motion setting



Really missing a minimum length of motion setting. It detects motion and pushes a notification even if a bug flies by for a 1/2 second. Would like to be able to set minimum of 5 seconds or something. Additional settings for pre/post record time around the motion event of x/y seconds would be helpful as well.


That is a good idea… minimum event trigger timing.

For now, have you tried setting the motion sensitivity to see if that helps? I’ve set my sensitivity lower so that the dog doesn’t set it off. (Also setting the detection zone could help.)


I’ve played with both sensitivity and target zone… Not particularly helpful.


Thanks for the suggestion! I do compile any suggestions I come across and pass them up to the Dev team. I haven’t seen this one before but I do like it!


I have the same issue. Bugs in my barn trigger motion detection continuously. Need a way to set the minimum make time, like .5 seconds