Motion Detect - Light Switch Detection



Current sensitivity I believe is just a percentage of pixel changes.
Above that number, a motion alert is triggered.
I suggest a max threshold, where if a motion alert is triggered, but above another percentage of pixel changes, then it’s considered a flicking on/off of a light switch, which then suppresses the alert action.

Also having debug info on the saved video will also help users fine tune the correct sensitivity. (ie actual percentage of pixel changed that caused the motion alert)


“Ignore gross Light changes”

I’ve led a number of folks to buy Wyze cams. But the common complaint is that when their connected lights turn off or on, they get a Wyze alert. When 60 or 70% of the pixels all report change, it’s likely a lighting change.
Add a lighting change detect threshold slider and a toggle for enable/disable and I’ll bet you will make a lot of people happy.
Sensitivity is the minimum that has to change to trigger. Lighting detection is a ceiling, where anything over that is ignored.


This would probably help with lightning too.


Perhaps this is an “Artificial Intelligence” opportunity. I have unsuccessfully tried several approaches without success: Automated lights going on or off fill the “area” with illumination. That’s their purpose. To make appear that the house is occupied they have to be visible to onlookers.

Therefore, even turning the sensitivity as low as it will go does not work
Likewise, the light fills the area so the change is seen everywhere. Detection zones don’t work.

Nonetheless, there is something about human perception that does NOT see a light going on as motion. Nothing seems to move; the light just goes on or off. True “motion” creates a changing location over time Sensing this sounds like “intelligence” to me.

I am not under the delusion that this is easy. But, if it were to be developed I’m pretty sure it would be unique to Wyze. Perhaps the developers would consider it.