Motion Algorithm to Ignore Blowing Leaves/Shadows

i think it is going to be very close now

they do differently than what u might think, i guess.

instead of tacking the problem directly, they will implement indirectly by detecting (1) person; (2) vehicle; (3 -maybe later) pet. u can choose when u want to be notified - person/vehicle while ignoring others.

there is beta test on detecting person, vehicle, person+vehicle, the detection of person is very accurate whereas vehicle less so. once thy sort out this, it is easy to implement on app.

Cool…I think I’m most interested in it detecting people.

Add lightning ignore also.

We have multiple Wyze Cams. Both indoor and out. All work amazing with the exception of windy days and they chase anything that moves. Amazing products for the money.

We have everything Wyze makes but light bulbs and we are on the waiting list for those. Can’t wait for them to go public. We already have cash set aside for stocks.


If they went public they would have to prioritize profits and the shareholders over us the consumers.

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