Motion Algorithm to Ignore Blowing Leaves/Shadows

i think it is going to be very close now

they do differently than what u might think, i guess.

instead of tacking the problem directly, they will implement indirectly by detecting (1) person; (2) vehicle; (3 -maybe later) pet. u can choose when u want to be notified - person/vehicle while ignoring others.

there is beta test on detecting person, vehicle, person+vehicle, the detection of person is very accurate whereas vehicle less so. once thy sort out this, it is easy to implement on app.

Cool…I think I’m most interested in it detecting people.

Add lightning ignore also.

We have multiple Wyze Cams. Both indoor and out. All work amazing with the exception of windy days and they chase anything that moves. Amazing products for the money.

We have everything Wyze makes but light bulbs and we are on the waiting list for those. Can’t wait for them to go public. We already have cash set aside for stocks.


If they went public they would have to prioritize profits and the shareholders over us the consumers.

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I’d love this feature in addition to ignoring flying bugs.

I just noticed that this topic says “launched.” When did that happen exactly, and what was launched? Just curious for details. Should we notice fewer false positives since a certain point?

It would be great if this can be ongoing, similar to the “person detection” feature. Teaching the camera how to ignore false positives, basically.

See Post #1

[Mod Edit: Person detection was launched on 7/9/19. Animal detection is being considered for the future.]

Oh, I see. I guess those seem pretty separate to me. “Person detection” isn’t the same thing as “algorithm to ignore blowing leaves/shadows.” That wasn’t totally straightforward to me. Haha.

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Yeah, they probably should have added in the topic “Edge AI” launched for clarity. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wish the algorithm was able to recognize bugs flying… we got so many events triggered by moths and other flying bugs passing in front of the camera and reflecting the IR light which then triggers the event recording and the notification of false positives :frowning:

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The algorithm doesn’t have to be fancy at all. Just don’t notify when the movement is for less than two seconds (as mentioned several times in this thread). If someone wants to call this “artificial intelligence” then fine, call it that.

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I’m moving this back to the Wishlist because I hear the concerns that person detection doesn’t satisfy this request.


Cool. As an incentive for you guys to implement this, it should cut down on your cloud storage and bandwidth costs, since a lot of false alerts won’t need to get uploaded in the first place. (Ignoring very short motion events is also tied to this.)

Maybe that savings would allow you guys to implement a separate cooldown period for person detection. That’s really the main feature I’m waiting for – reliable person detection notifications that are independent on whether the camera got triggered by something else in the moments before a person appeared.


Person detection is run on existing videos so that’s pretty difficult to run. It’s more of a tag on a motion detection video than a separate video trigger.

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I was told somewhere that person detection happens on the camera, not in the cloud. Is that not accurate? If it’s happening on the camera, I don’t completely understand what the difficulty is.

I didn’t understand this sentence at all. Haha. Sorry, can you rephrase it? It’s not computing in my head for some reason.

Also, I realize we’re steering this thread a little off-topic. Sorry. We could continue in a private message if that makes more sense.


It is happening on the camera. But the 5 minute cooldown happens on the camera as well. The video is recorded and in the camera’s memory when the algorithm is run on it. So the cooldown has already started when the video is being analyzed.

Motion Detection Video > Person Detection > Stays labeled as a motion video or becomes labeled as a person detection video > Uploaded to the cloud > Notification sent to user

If you want to continue from here, we should work in a message. :slight_smile:


I am actually also interested in finding out more about it since I have had 2 consecutive motion events one sound another person on the same camera that were just 2 minutes apart… so 5 is a sort of a “max” and perhaps cool down could be anywhere in between? Thanks @WyzeGwendolyn :slight_smile:

When you look at the 5-minute cool down that does not apply to sound events, just motion initiated events from the camera.

So theoretically you could have it set to trigger for sound, motion from cam, and motion from a motion sensor, the only 5-minute gap would be between motion events detected by the camera motion sensor (this includes person since it is a motion event from the camera)

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Makes sense… so one could completely forgo the motion detection from the camera and use the one provided by the motion sensor instead… would that allow person detection? (Probably not since that needs to analyze recorded video)
I guess the motion sensor is a motion sensor with IR? And only usable to trigger video recording upon detecting a motion, but there’d be no “recognition” of Persons or areas of motions in the video like it happens on the camera.

I wish I could buy single camera receivers or that they were an optional add on available when ordering the camera itself (perhaps the micro SD too should be an additional option that customers could order when purchasing a camera) I should perhaps add this to the #wishlist :slight_smile: