Most boring video ever BUT peace of mind

Okay so this is probably the most boring Wyze video you’ll ever see. Since I had a gen one camera that I replaced, a thought occurred to me to turn it into a sump pump monitor.

Works great and I learned the dang thing runs waaay more often than I thought. Usually I just get a sound alert and I have them turned off for the most part. I check periodically though when we get really bad area flooding, so I can see the pattern and that it’s running regularly.

Thanks. Just thought I’d mention it. $20 peace of mind.


Hey Ron!

It might be fun to put the sound track under another visual of the same length. Like a robot urinating, or something. :robot: :toilet:

I notice you’ve been around from virtually wyze-day-one. User name “Ron.” Can’t get one like that, anymore. Not no how. :wink:


That’s great! I have one monitoring my Gas Hot Water Heat Boiler under my house just in case. Great use! But you’re right/ wouldn’t curl up on a rainy night just to watch


Can hardly wait for episode II. That is a very practical use for an extra Cam. Hope you copy-righted this before Disney or Netflix steals it.


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Wrong part of the robo-anatomy depicted but you get the drift. :slight_smile:

You’re not the only one. I have a camera monitoring a run light on a sewage pump. If the light lights it sends an alert video. I just count how many per day/week.

We did that too! Just to be able to check when away from home and to make sure it’s still running.