More Wyze Band Strap Issues

I switched out my Band strap from the snap type strap to the more traditional strap, because the snap just kept coming unsnapped and I feared I’d lose my Band. So I put on the other strap and now I’m finding that it won’t keep the end flap in place and always pops out of the the retaining ring piece. And that little nub inside that ring doesn’t stop the strap from coming out, because there is too much space inside it, it needs to fit tighter. Please Wyze come up with a better solution for the strap. I know the Band is only a $25 product but using a strap that actually works, just can’t be that difficult.

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Yes! This has been bugging me as well!

I’ve never had this issue with any other watch band before. My strap slips out of the retention loop several times a days. I almost want to put the snap strap back on but fear it will unsnap and I’ll lose my Band. I wonder if I can get my money back?