More options for Notification Haptic Feedback

Battery life has been great. Having a hard time knowing when I get a text, etc. Feedback is kind of weak and hard to tell when something comes in. Can Wyze have an option to adjust the Vibration feedback when a notification comes in?

Haptic feedback options: Off, Low, High

Just a request. Wondering if its possible to add a “Vibration Intensity” option for notifications for the Wyze Band. It’s very faint and hard to realize when a notification comes through.

Interesting. Mine is VERY intense and I requested for this same feature just so I can turn it down. If I put the band down on the bedroom table upstairs, I can hear it vibrate anywhere I am downstairs and since there is no way to turn off the band, it gets annoying quickly. Apparently the haptic vibrators were not tuned the same across various bands.

Mine is pretty strong vibration wise… If I compared to my Apple Watch, the vibrations are much lower for Apple. I haven’t missed a notification yet on my wyze and my husband actually checked his wyze when mine vibrates lol.

Alert Notification haptic feedback is acceptable/good. Would be great to have option to increase intensity (if possible) or duration or pattern of haptic feedback. This would make the band more user friendly for elderly who cannot hear their phone notifications and need more than a short burst of vibration to tell them they have received a new message/email/etc.

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I personally find this vibration too strong which made me simply disable notifications :slight_smile:
Being able to control haptic feedback is too basic. C’mon Wyze! (I’m a Wyze fun by the way)

I think that it would be nice to be able to change when the Wyze Band vibrates. This would save energy, making the battery life longer and be less annoying because I really don’t get why every time I press the “home” button, the vibration motor goes off. I would love to be able to customize this or turn it off outright.

One of the first customizations of the band that I looked for was to turn down the vibration strength. It’s too startling for me. Even worse is when I forget my watch on the dresser overnight, the notifications create a loud rattling that scares everyone awake.

On top of that, it’d be even sweeter if the vibration of morning alarms could be gradual – softer vibrations slowly going to stronger.

Also, different kinds of vibrations for different kinds of notifications would be nice-to-have. I don’t need to check every motion alert from my camera, but I may want to read incoming chat messages immediately.

I like the idea of turning off the vibration for the home button too. The vibration is annoying there.

The list is getting long but hey, this is a Wishlist part of the form right? :slight_smile: