More options for Bulb Color

YES! I so agree with this. This should be an option for lots of other products too, but you have perfectly described a use I have wanted for smart bulbs too…have them in a group for all lights in a certain room, AND all lights on a certain floor. AND all lights in the house, and maybe lights for multiple rooms for a special event (changing colors and scenes together).

Great idea!

Hi @WyzeMike, now that we are approaching the end of spring and you’ve released firmware for Bulb Color, is there an updated ETA for the rollout you talked about in this thread?


I did this exactly but it was a pain with Alexa to get the kids down for school in time. I had to set up 4 routines. 6:30 turn light on to green, 6:45 turn light to Yellow, 7:00 am turn light to rid, 7:15 turn off the light.

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Nice idea! You can make it all one routine like this:


I’d like to set my hallway light to Blue to remind me about recycling. However, recycling is only picked up every other week in my neighborhood.

Is there an option within the Rules engine to turn on my color bulb every other week?

@WyzeMike Any update on the color changing via schedule? Doesn’t seem like it should take very long.

I would not hold my breath. After hours spent emailing and chatting with at least 5 different CSRs I’ve yet to get a meaningful answer. Everyone says something different. So far they’re saying there’s a firmware update coming at an unspecified time in the future which may or may not add an unspecified number of features. So, yeah. Kinda vague. Maybe they’re too busy making marketing materials for new products every 2 weeks to actually support the ones they’ve already sold us.

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Thanks for the update haha

why is there no disco or color rotation mode? this is a feature of every other color bulb.

I’ve seen a number of suggestions/requests for a party/disco mode but in case that’s different from what I’m looking for, I’m going to risk beating a dead horse in order to clarify:

It would be awesome if you could add a music sync/sound reactivity function. I understand that it’s unlikely that there is a microphone built into the bulbs themselves but like other applications and products I use that feature this functionality, you can have the app ask for device permission to access its microphone. This seems to me to be doable and relatively easily, at that but I also understand there’s a lot on Wyze’s plate. Regardless, I would be beyond grateful to see this kind of functionality added at some point down the road…

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