More Lock status indicators on the Device List and Lock (beep)

The Lock Device in the device list should show

  • Trash Mode active or not
  • Battery Level
  • Delayed locking pending
  • open/close switch (like Wyze Plugs on/off)

Rationale for showing Trash Mode on/off
If you see the door locked (someone locked it while in trash-mode) there is no indication if trash-mode is active or not! And if delayed locking is on, you might leave without knowing the door will not lock.

Rationale for battery level

  • It takes too many taps to find the battery level, and
  • too many people don’t realize that the locks starts misbehaving when the battery gets low, and
  • going on vacation with low battery means having to figure out a plan-B for getting into the house.

Rationale for Delayed locking
Provides reassurance that the unlocked door will soon be locked as opposed to being in Trash Mode or having a bad battery. Less of an issue if the prior two indicators are present.
This indicate could be complemented with the lock emitting a sound when the door closes to inform the user that it will actually lock at some point (delayed locking pending) vs never (trash mode pending, or dead battery).

When I look at all of my devices to make sure everything is locked, clear or closed I think it would be very helpful if the lock handle on the icon was rotated to be horizontal to appear locked as it does in person. At a glance, this would be more accurate a majority of the time since it has an auto-lock capability and the lock locks the doors after a short amount of time.