More group control (e.g. notifications/events on/off for group)

When cams are grouped, the home screen shows the groups, and for each group, there’s currently only a status button (to turn the wholegroup off/on). This is currently the only, and least-useful, group function.

I’d like more ways to change the whole group, especially notifications. For example, turn off/on notifications for the whole group. My use case is, my cameras groups represent physical locations (e.g. my home, my business, my vacation home), when I’m at a location I want to turn off all notifications while I’m there, and then turn them back on when I leave. I don’t want to do this on a schedule (my schedule isn’t regular enough), and I don’t want to turn the group off (because something might still happen that I still want recorded), nor do I want all client device notifications off (since something might be happening at another location, that I want notifications on).

Similar to group notifications control, I’d like group event control, for similar reasons. When I’m at a physical location (e.g. my business), I don’t want the cameras to create hundreds of events of myself, I’d rather turn off events for the group while I’m there, and turn them back on when I leave.

There are other reasons why manual control over groups, is better than some rule-based control, though I can see rules helping in more limited (albeit automatable) use-cases.

I second all of this. Good idea!

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I’ll third this and link to your well-written explanation:

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