More days of cloud storage

Hello Wyze! I think you should make a subscription for more days of cloud storage! This means that users can pay a certain amount of money to have more days for their events to be stored in the cloud. For example you could make a plan for 30 days of cloud storage. Then users could pay lets say $5 per month to have that for all of their cameras. This is just a though but I think that a lot of people would like this option.



So, I’m new here. Yet, I have 6 Wyze v2 outside and I was wondering if their are any plans to extend the paid cloud storage video retention from 14 days to a longer period (30 days). I feel like if your paying for cloud storage you should be able to retain your data longer than those without the cloud storage plan.

I have thought of going with SD cards. Yet, for the length I’m requesting you’d prob need to use a 512GB card which isn’t cheap itself compared to 32gb which is the recommended capacity. Yet, theirs not enough information on here to determine if it will work and/or if it will last without killing the card. I’ve only seen less than one handful of people who have posted the ability to get a larger card to work and none of them have followed up to say if the cards got killed.

On the other side of the fence their are tons of threads of smaller cards causing fits.

So, my question is that without concrete evidence that doesn’t seem like a good choice for those who want to be able to look back a longer period of time without a cloud storage option that allows for data to be kept longer than 14 days

What amount of time are you wanting the cloud storage to be, you did not mention that. WYZE staff reads through these at times and that would be good information for them to have

I added to my original post that im recommending a minimum of 30 days. Yet, what most wyze users want is some sort of NAS support. The MAXDRIVE project doesn’t seem to be happening anymore.

Wyze please make an option for more days of Cloud Recording. (Even if this means a paid subscription) We need more that 14 days. Especially since you guys are releasing a Outdoor Camera soon.