Monitoring cost per camera per month appears too high for large number of cameras

We have 11 cams * $5/cam/month = $55/month * 12mon/yr = $660/yr. You’re kidding, right? Professional monitoring is much cheaper per year. Better pricing is needed at scale with many low cost wyze cams, at least according to my brief look at this. Am I missing something?

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Where did you find the cost /camera?

Monitoring Services not CamPlus

I can’t even see a way to add a V2 or V3 but I tried adding 3 pan cams and it only increased the equipment price. No mention of monthly.
I suspect they have not pre-configured a plan for those of us with umpteen cameras.

The HMS subscription includes one Cam Plus license. Additional cameras you don’t need another HMS subscription for. You would just get more Cam Plus licenses for those, which is $2 per month per camera, or $15 a year ($1.29/mo) per camera on the current promo pricing.

So with 10 additional cameras it would be $300 + $50 for HMS hardware per year if paid monthly, or $210 per year if paid annually (HMS hardware is included with annual subscriptions).

It’s important to note that according to the FAQ, cameras will not trigger the alarm if detecting motion. They will only trigger an alert to your phone.