Modifying wording for Doorbell Press Notifications

The notification blurb for the older doorbell and the doorbell pro are exactly the same. If the ‘user’ could modify the wording, they could put which doorbell is being pressed. ‘Front door’, ‘Back door’, ‘Gate’, etc…

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This is for the non VoIP doorbell presses which show as:

VoIP calls, motion alerts etc do show the name of the device in the notification.


On my old doorbell (not Pro), I get the message from Wyze “Hi, Someone is calling you at the door.” From Doorbell Pro, I get the message from Wyze “Hello, someone is calling you.”

There is no differentiation between the two other than the wording. There should be a way to add which doorbell the message is coming from.

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I can’t tell which device generates the alert on the app

As an AirBnB host I have installed multiple devices in several locations. It has proven awesome and made my life and my guest’s experience a lot better.
The only downside is that when a doorbell is rung, I cannot tell from which device it comes from until I answer and recognize the location from the video feed. That has caused me to block my guests from answering themselves. Nothing serious, but annoying nevertheless.
I would guess that having the device name added to the smartphone’s app notification would be of great help to many.

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