Mirror (flipped/reversed) Image

It would be great if the image could be flipped or mirrored, not just rotated. One application is on an RV as a backup camera.

Just curious why you would want the image reversed? Most/all back up cams are normally oriented… regular?

Actually they are not. Because the camera is pointed to the rear and you are looking forward, in order for left / right to come out looking “normal” to the driver, you need to do a left / right reverse.
Try backing up with a camera image that looks reversed and it will drive you crazy.


I stand corrected! Took me a while to wrap my head around it and actually had to sit in my truck and look at the screen to see the orientation. To be honest with you I’ve never given it a second thought until now!

I have what i think would be a GREAT option… an option to show the video is a Reverse mode. This is similar to the Flip (180 degree rotation) but rather than flip on the top/bottom edge, flip it side-to-side.

Why? Well, when I go camping in my RV, i usually take a couple of Wyze cameras with my. While driving, I have one pointing out the back window of my trailer as a rear view camera. It works GREAT, but, the display is opposite of what a rear-view camera would show. Swapping that display (right and left) would be fantastic.

(This works while travelling because my trailer has a wifi hotspot that the cameras and my phone connect to.)

PLEASE! Add this feature request. I’m sure it’s super easy (since you already flip 180 degrees top to bottom) and now that I’ve mentioned doing this, MANY folks will want to as well.

P.S. I also attach a camera to the back of my tailgate when hitching up my trailer. It helps guide me right onto the ball! Super cool!!!

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I just set up the camera to use the iPhone hotspot on the iPhone that I am viewing the stream from, so I have a self contained backup camera iPhone combo for my trailer. Now if I could just mirror the screen… ;-). To do it, I started hotspot on the iPhone and used an iPad tethered to the iPhone set up the Wyze cam from the iPad.

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