Minimum size SD Card to view last 48 hours?

Perfect, will order 2 now, thanks a million!

Also, it is showing that I cannot post in the other thread anymore as I am new here to this forum so I will either need to keep posting here for that issue or will need to create a new thread.

After following the steps in that thread on the notifications not working, last night it started working again so thanks for that too! However the “events” are not showing, I am only getting the notifications whenever someone walks into the view. I will go out back in a little while today and unplug both cams for a few minutes then will report back.

Edit: By Events I mean I can see the replay with the notifications but before with Cam Plus trial I used to see a list of events listed and could choose anyone to view or is that available only with Cam plus?

So I power cycled for 5 minutes, am getting the notifications, only the events list is still not being listed so I have to assume this feature is only possible with Cam Plus.

List of all events will be available but only for 14 more days. Starting 15 Feb. you need to have cam plus or cam plus lite on your cameras. If you don’t want to pay for cam plus choose cam plus lite and name your price $0.00 $1.00 or whatever else is on there.

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Nice, that will work to get the video events and person detection, thanks!

I am in my account but not seeing the option to purchase the Lite version, any link to this please?

You need to sign into your account on the Web site. From this forum click support on the top right corner.
Tap the circle top right, sign in, go to Wyze Services, Cam Plus lite.

Thanks. Wish they had a purchase option but seeing only monthly billing so might as well make the one time 14.99 per year for cam plus I think.

What ever you want. For CP lite scroll to the bottom of this page. I would make a 1 year purchase for cam plus. You have to know it will renew every year unless you contact support to cancel it.

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Yeah that is best idea. Should be receiving the Samsung sd cards tomorrow and hook them up by the end of the week so will report back, appreciate all of the help!

I should be getting the help this afternoon to install the Samsung SD cards. The friend had use liquid nail to help secure the edges of the cam’s white frame so it’s stuck onto the brick wall. Would I absolutely need to remove the frame or would he be able to insert the card in its current mounted state please?

You just have to swivel the camera up a little to insert the SD in the bottom.


So the SD Cards are installed. I am looking into its settings. In Advanced Settings I am not seeing the option to choose hd or regular?

Also I have chosen Record to Micro SD Card “Events only”, night vision to ON, Night Vision IR Lights to NEAR, all good or should there be anything else please?

That is on thecamera live view, look in the upper left corner.

This will make the picture black and white at all times, is that what you want?

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Thanks. It’s auto set on HD, since I will only need last 24 hours or so to view any event I can leave as is.

No on the NV, thx.

It’s not recording Events so I guess I will to get the Cam plus for that.

Last issue guys should be can the playback work with fast forwarding like with a vcr please and if yes, only with cam plus?

Personally, I always use Continuous instead of Events Only on the SD card so I don’t have to depend on the camera thinking there was an event. Sometimes I just want to know something about the background, like who parked a car in front of my mailbox, That wouldn’t normally be an event with my settings or I’d get events all day.

The tradeoff to using Continuous mode is the camera records over the footage sooner (2-3 days in HD mode and 7-8 days in SD, using a 32 GB card) but I find that if I don’t look at the footage in 48 hours I probably don’t care about it. YMMV.

You don’t need Cam Plus to simply record events, so maybe we need to discuss your settings further. If you are talking about the SD card, then consider switching to Continuous mode like I discussed above.

Not really. Cam Plus adds it to Events, but not the SD card. But you don’t need to search for the event on the SD card – just press the “Playback” button on the cloud event. Other than that, like if you are trying to figure out who parked in front of your mailbox, use the Playback button under live view and the timeline below the SD card playback to find out when the car or other object first appeared, then expand the timeline with a reverse-pinch and move it until the car appears again. Then you can see which house the driver went to, lol.


Great info, will adjust the settings accordingly, thank you.

Maybe I am not doing the correct procedure when viewing the playback. For example, about 30 minutes ago I got the usual notification that someone walked in view of the front cam so I click on Playback and I slide the timeline greenish area back to 9am then slowly slide forward back to current time. Didn’t see anything,

Did you click on the general Playback button under live view, or the “take me to to the exact moment of the event” Playback button on the 12-second cloud event?

If you use the general Playback, then you’d better expand the timeline with the reverse pinch, and advance only slight amounts of time. That is a pain, so I’d recommend using the cloud event’s Playback button.

Beyond that, I believe the Events-Only mode uses different thresholds than the ones you can set for cloud events, so it is possible one captured the event and the other didn’t. That is another reason I like Continuous mode – there is ALWAYS something on the SD card.

Get cam plus
Set camera recording to continuous
Clear all filters
If you have an event video start it from the events page and tap playback on the bottom

Let’s make sure I am following your directions accurately please.

I select the cam, tap on View Playback then the timeline appears under the cam. I drag the slider to the right whatever time. Where am I going wrong so far please?

Let’s make sure I am following your directions accurately please.

I select the cam, tap on View Playback then the timeline appears under the cam. I drag the slider to the right whatever time. Where am I going wrong so far please?

When you select the cam, live view pops up. Under live view is a GENERAL Playback button. When you press it, you simply go 5 minutes back in time on the SD card if you are in Continuous recording mode.

Instead of selecting the general Playback button, use the one on the cloud event on the Events tab. @Antonius posted a picture of that above (last picture). That button takes you to the exact moment of that event, but on the SD card. :slight_smile:

Let me take this in sloooow motion please, is the VIEW PLAYBACK tab showing on my screen the same GENERAL payback button you’re referring to?

I will address Antonius’s instructions after I clarify this part.