MicroSD event recording not working for me

I formatted and tested the event recording once on the MicrosSD card. Since then it is just not working. I am able to manually record on the card but when not home no events are triggering I have a Cam plus Trial left on my camera which is spotty too. It is not working at moment because the app is finicky about deciding if I have a subscription or not. It is pointing to the street which cars come and go and triggers the motion event which worked fine with Cam + subscription when the app recognized it it. I really like the the thought of just recording events on the card and reviewing them regularly. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?

Not sure yet but keep in mind that local SD card events are seen by going to a particular camera and clicking View Playback. This is entirely separate from the Events tab, which represents "cloud* stored recordings (typically covering the same motion events).

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Local Recording to the SD card is controlled thru the Cam Settings :gear: Advance Settings. Since you want the cam to only save the recordings containing motion onto the SD Card, you would select Events Only.

The number of events you can fit onto the SD Card before the cam automatically overwrites the oldest video 1 minute at a time is dependant on:

  • GB size of the SD Card
  • Length of each motion event video
  • Recorded Video Quality (HD\SD)

As @Customer already indicated, access to SD Recorded Video is only thru the app View Playback bar at the bottom of the cam Live Stream or the Playback Disk Icon at the bottom of an Event Video\Thumbnail in the Events Tab (cloud saved).

That is exactly what I have done and it is not working. I am giving this back anyway. I got a 2-pack for a lot lower price. What do you I need Camp + if I am doing sd recording.

It is possible also that there is an issue with a failed\failing SD card.

I have had several that needed to be replaced because they were low quality and did not last.

If you only want the SD Card recordings, then CamPlus or CamPlus Lite are not Services you would need to subscribe to.

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the issue is not SD otherwise it would not record when you press the record button and used to work. No errors ever! Camera is the culprit.

The record button you mention occurs in two places.

The first is in the Live Stream screen (screenshot). Pressing this will record a video clip of the live stream and save it to your device drive (phone, tablet etc.)

The second record button is located in the View Playback SD footage screen. This will record a short clip of what it is playing from the SD Card and again save it to the device drive.

The arrow indicates how to tell if your device is recording to the SD. If you have shaded areas in the timeline, or if you change the date to a previous date and see shaded areas, it is recording.

If it is not recording, I would very highly suggest inserting a new High Endurance SD Card and testing your recording. If your original card was not High Endurance, it is entirely possible it has failed.

If you have another confirmed operational card from another Cam to swap into it, I would do that first.

Failing SD cards are more common than one would think. Especially if they are not High Endurance Cards.


Yep, that looks to be the problem.

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