Microphone on Cam V3 extremely quiet

I recently got the new Wyze Cam V3 and it’s my first time using their cameras. I have one in my baby room and have noticed the microphone is extremely quiet. I can hardly hear him at all when viewing through the app. There’s also a sound machine in his room and you can barely hear that when it’s on. Just now I went in to test it and was playing with him and talking normal. Went in the app to review the playback and I couldn’t even make out what I was saying.

I also have a Wyze Cam V3. Mine is mounted on a shed overlooking my driveway. I can not hear anyone in the driveway talking or closing doors. occasionally hear some wind noise. I have sever V2 cams also outside under eves of house and can hear everything on them, even though they are further from the driveway. I wish they could fix this as other than that I love the V3 cam.

Sad that the microphone is that bad. My ring doorbell camera I can hear people talking out on the sidewalk which is like 40ft away. Support tried working with me and obviously thay lead to absolutely no solution