Micro SD cards not recognized

I used this method and it worked perfectly! I had tried formatting on PC, through the app, unplugging the camera, removing and replacing the SD card and even resetting the camera itself. Nothing worked until I used the SD association tool to format the card and now it’s working great!

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Just had the same issue when I switched from event record to continuous record. Wyze cam v2 sd card microcenter 32gb class 10 been running for a couple months no problem. Wyze cam v2 are eating sd cards.

Same here. I just set my camera up 2 days ago and it was recording to the sd card fine until I deleted the past days of recordings and now it says no SD card. I have tried everything from deleting the device and setting it up all over again to reformatting and since it’s not recognizing that there is a card in there it won’t even try to format. Only getting 12 seconds of record time. This sucks. I have had nothing but problems out of this thing since I got it but I guess that’s what they say … You get what you pay for and for 25 bucks I guess this is what you can expect.

I looked it up on the wyze help screen and the very first posting from the company says there were a batch of cameras made from August to whenever that are missing a resistor needed for the camera to recognize the sd card. You type in the Mac address and it’s supposed to tell you if your camera is part of that bad batch. Mine isn’t but it’s having the same issue. Hmmmm?

You said your sd card worked in the beginning. If you had the missing resistor then it would of never recorded to sd card.


Yeah I know goat. That’s what I said if you read what I wrote.

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Same problem here, tried all of your five ideas, no joy

Ok so I returned the original as card which worked for 4 days and got stuck when it got down to 10mb replaced it with the new one today and it’s been recording perfectly non stop. Set it to continuously record this time instead of just event recording. Very happy with how fast the new card got here. Just one day. I think something happened when I deleted recordings from the card. It either fried it or it could not find its place on the card. Tried reformatting and everything but just said “no SD card” everything is working properly now like it should and I am happy with it.

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That’s what I just did and the new card worked right away.

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I went crazy and the camera would not recognize my SD card. Read a ton of things about formatting the SD card. It turns out that “new” SD cards need not be formatted just ones with previous information of yours on them. They work right out of the package. I got the camera to finally recognize the card by pulling the plug and reinserting it.It was easy no problems*

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I never format my SD Cards unless they are giving me problems. They will work right out of the package. This is true and it isn’t necessary to do a format on a new card. When I have to do a format, which is rarely, I always do it on my pc. Then the card will usually work without a problem.

I was having the same issue but just now, was able to format the SD card within the app. It cleared out the 28.5g of data and now I have an empty card again. Bravo!


this worked for me…i formated as exfat and then reformated with the wyze app so now it appears to be working…only time will tell, but thank you!


This worked for me, too. Formatted the SD card on Win10 to exFAT, then popped it in the camera and it immediately recognized it, and then I formatted it through the Wyze app.

My card has been working since I purchased my two cameras over a year ago however, my SD cars now is not recognized by the camera. I’ve tried reformatting it but when I put it into the camera I don’t here a sound and it still can’t find it. The sd cards are wyze sd cards so they should be supported. I was told the camera was outside the warranty so I was told I could purchase a new one… no thanks… I’d like to get mine working again or I’ll have to find a different company unfortunately. I really like wyze and have been supportive from the beginning but, if the cameras aren’t reliable there is no point in staying loyal. Sorry for the long ramble I’m just disappointed in the current circumstance

sound like the card went, not the camera. try a high endurance card ( or any different card, but I recommend H E) and see if that is recognized. this doesn’t sound like a cameras issue, more than likely tits a card issue.

My MicroSD card appears to be recognized but my Wyze Cam Pan will simply not record to it. I’m using the same exact Sandisk 32GB High Endurance card in my regular Wyze Cam V2 and it works perfectly fine there. I tried formatting it both through the app and through my PC but no matter what nothing will record to the card even though it sees the correct capacity. Additionally I noticed my camera will periodically restart itself when the card is inserted, but if I remove the card all is fine. The card works perfectly fine and is writable on my PC.


Even being a maven, I still do not own a pan. It’s never suited my needs. sadly I don’t think I would be much help to you on this one except for knowledge on SD cards which we have just checked off. I would like to say thank you though for doing the due diligence and looking at the card and debunking that as a possible issue.

Let me hit up my amazing friends and maybe they have some sort of information on this that I am not privy to or have missed. The maven’s do a heck of a lot of reading. @Mavens

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What are your sd card recording settings? (event recording or continuous) Is local storage enabled? (Just making sure). How do you know that it’s not recording to card?

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I tried both continuous and event recording. Either way the “memory available” counter doesn’t move at all. Playback will also show no saved video available. I swapped microSD cards with my working cam V2 as well and tried formatting it in the working one but nothing would work. Both microSD cards work perfectly fine in my V2 cam.

At this point I am just going to move the Cam Pan to another location where I don’t need local recording and buy another V2 Cam to use as that one has been working great for me.