Micro SD Card & Manual Recording

My question is how to enable WYZE Cam Pan V2 to record at will to mSD card? I have install SanDisk 128GB micro SD card. Card came formatted as exFAT and I formatted in WYZE Cam twice. It records motion without any issues. My cloud alerts still come to me. However when I am viewing the camera livestream and I click on the “Record” icon, it notifies me that recording is in progress. After 10 min. and 5 min., and even 1 min. I stop the recording and try to view it but there is no video to view. Under Advanced Settings for this camera, Local Storage setting, I have “Event Recording” enabled vs continuous recording.

Can anyone make any suggestions? I only want to record continuous events but at times may want to remotely make a continuous recording to the SD card.



Manual recording in live view does not save the video to your SD card , it puts the recording in your album

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Which is on your local device (phone, tablet, whatever).


Thanks HD Rock and Gemniii, the answer was right in front of me but I did not see it.