Meet Wyze Cam Pan v2 - Now in Color Night Vision

@todwatts, I would recommend talking to support. When we still had replacements, we were sending them out. I believe there’s a different method support is using these days to cover the cost since we aren’t able to send replacements anymore. We’ve been pretty public about the MAC issue as it comes up. :slight_smile:

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@spydermb, we’re still testing the results from that. This is the more recent announcement on that topic:

Consider, though, that cam pan v1 will likely get phased out now that v2 is released. 99% of my installed base are cam pans. Should the need arise to replace a bridge-expanded cam pan, the current offering will not allow me to continue using wyze sense v1 (into which I’ve invested considerable effort). This forces me to either downgrade to stationary cams, upgrade to a monitoring service I don’t want, or inconveniently reposition cams to backfill the void. An ounce of prevention (little bit of forethought) is better than a pound of cure (separate product tracks that aren’t interchangeable). Will there be a wyze sense v3 that introduces yet another interface? Many of us would appreciate a little extra attention to continuity on core product matters like this (even with slightly higher price points)… as opposed to, say, tangential products like vacuum cleaners.

Understood that technology is always on the move. Also understood that wyze is (and has been) weathering the storm financially & supply-chain-wise like many other businesses. I try to exercise forbearance & understanding in my criticisms and not excoriate unfairly. However, the current situation leaves me with a potential service gap in the event of device failure. The sensor bridge was a clever stopgap and worked pretty well for me. In fact, they enable strategic placement closer to their associated sensors. I’ve installed all of my bridges onto forward cams in close proximity to their respective sensors for best performance… and they are very reliable.

Hindsight wishes that wyze sense had been independently hub-based from the get-go rather than all of this transitional pain. I get enough of that at work as a network administrator… :unamused: Most folks understand the need to move forward w/new products & changing implementations. Ease of these transitions should be (but don’t always seem to be) a priority. Just like the lurching scheduler launch (in place of automated shortcuts) back in 2019, too often we get a pull-the-rug-out-from-under / applecart-upset approach when smoother experiences might’ve been possible. How long before sense v1 bridges get yanked from the app with little advance notice? Seems like a good cycle to break.

I have adopted a policy of battery replacement around 9-10 months. I’ve found that under-voltage situations down to about 2.8 volts don’t pose a threat. Much below that and sensors don’t respond and you do risk the brownout LoS condition.

I also maintain a spare parts cache which I haven’t actually had to raid as yet due to diligent oversight. But yeah, pretty glaring made-in-china-on-the-cheap defect there. I did hear that the issue was actually with a texas instruments ic used in the fab.

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Yes, I’ve found that I can’t trust the Wyze app sensor battery level … so occasionally just change out the button battery with a fresh one … but then, occasionally, I forget until the sensor is DOA.

I’m, too, am holding out for a stand-alone, independent HUB and sensor offering.

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Last year I did all of my parents’ on Christmas Day. This year I’m doing them over Columbus Day week. Next year it will be sometime earlier in the summer.

Now we have a product line requiring separate hubs for separate things (WCO, Sense v2, etc). Who needs that? My wirebound WCO hub is literally the included 3’ patch cable length away from my WAP… why no option to directly connect WCO to my own WiFi instead of adding another interference-generating transmitter nearby?

A singular multipurpose hub approach should’ve been and still should be this - with a storage opt-out if you don’t want any…

More product releases and still no fix for the V2 and Pan camera pink flash issue.

Still not even sure how to reproduce this issue… :slight_smile:

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I was hoping it was IP65 rated.

True , that this is an issue that has really NOT been resolved

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I agree, having a pan cam outside would be very useful. Especially with motion tracking.

I have upfitted (5) of them to outdoor use successfully w/minimal hiccups over 2.5yrs. However, I do get folks’ desire for a hardened outdoor version w/native battery. Motion tracking would be a heckuva drain though.

I’ve connected UPS power bricks to all of mine. Lotta of folks asking for solar charger option to current WCO too. I’d say that the odds are favorable for some nifty new stuff with their recent cash infusion.

“Works With Wyze Sense Bridge”. Pretty dumb not to be backward compatible like USB versions. Does the new WYZE sense Hub work with the old door sensors that are smaller. So we now have a compatibility problem with many system with original cameras, switched, and bridges/hub. So fix this and I will buy the new Wyze Cam Pan V2. If my system works with the new Hub please advise.

Actually, they say that the sense v1 sensors ARE COMPATIBLE w/sense v2 hub.

The problem is that you cannot purchase a sense v2 hub without a subscription to home monitoring. Wyze says that they are prioritizing these subscription-based sales primarily due to current manufacturing supply constrictions and that eventually we will be able to purchase sense v2 as a standalone product for DIY applications & self-monitoring.

Best advice I can give you is to get on eBay or someplace to build a sense v1 spare parts cache as many of us have. Presently, there isn’t a way (absent creative workarounds) to restore service in the event of sense v1 bridge / cam pan v1 failure as I’ve described in this post above…

Would love to buy it… If it had ONVIF or RTSP I would…

We’re still talkin’ bout’em and they delivered today. :exploding_head:

I too have had a Cam Pan outdoors for 2 years with 0 mechanical flaws.

One of these guys will be replacing that trooper that has done it’s time meritoriously.


L.I.B…that was fast. I’d love to hear what you think! I don’t need one, but I’ve been playing with one of my pans that I use as a roamer with a battery pack, and I think I’ve underestimated the coolfullness of pan/tilt. Might have to swap my under-eaves cam with this pan.

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Turn the V2 or Pan on via the app, it will flash pink make a loud click and immediately record the pink flash.

Does “more processing power” mean there’s enough CPU and memory to include RTSP in the stock firmware? I want to be able to view and record the video from my desktop and from a regular security DVR. Ideally, it should include ONVIF protocol for maximum interoperability. If not, give us enough capacity in v4 to make this happen. I’d happily pay yet another $10 for that. It’s still far cheaper than regular IP cameras.

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Are you are using this product?