Media playback Controls for Wyze Band

Loving the WyzeBand and would like to see Media Controls added. If I’m walking my dog and listening to a book/music from my phone through earbuds, it’d be great if I could at least Pause/Play Previous/Next via my WyzeBand.

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Not sure if it can be done but some sort of pause/play, next media button controls.

As with Wear OS, Tizen OS, and iOS watches they all feature at least a simplified form of media playback control with play, pause, backwar/forward, and volume up and down. This would be a stellar add to the Wyze band to make it a much greater fitness tool and fully featured wearable. If it was simply control media for what is currently playing or started that would be a great start.

I would really enjoy media controls. I think a “primary” screen with a play/pause button and a next-track button would be great, with the option of swiping to a secondary screen to adjust volume. Bonus points if media information can be displayed (track title/artist, or video title, or app, with time played/remaining?) but I’m not sure if there is enough screen real estate to put all that on there.

I’m in the market for a new smartwatch, and the Wyze Band looks so promising! Since it hasn’t been fully developed yet, I thought now might be the perfect time to ask for the time to be shown on the music control screen or a way to add the time to the music control screen.

I’m a dance instructor, so being able to use Bluetooth to play, pause, skip songs, and control volume from my wrist, while my phone is connected by aux to a stereo system, makes a huge difference to my teaching. I need to be able to keep track of the time to pace my class, and hopping back and forth between the main watch screen and the music control screen is often finicky and opens more room for error that can hurt the flow of my class. Including the time is a small way to set the Wyze Band apart from the competition.

The Wyze Band seems to have so much potential and I look forward to seeing how it develops!

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