maximum number of cameras



I am entirely new to the WYZE CAM and would be interested in buying about six cameras to use with my iphone 5S. Can anyone tell me what number of camera limitations exist. Is the limitation due to wifi, the camera, or the phone?

Thank you



There is no limit. I am currently have 14 Wyzecams set up in the app.


I have 18 cameras set up on my IOS 5SE



If I were you, I would limit my first order to 1 or 2 cameras and make sure that they work in the locations you want to use your cameras in. Wifi is so variable it is hard to know what will work and what won’t (type of walls, location and type of access point/wifi router, wifi congestion (over use in your area), location of camera, distance between camera and access point, other sources of interference (old 2.4GHz phones, baby monitors, microwave ovens, etc.). Also, we don’t know how fast your internet connection is.

Also you will be able to determine if they meet your requirements. No one benefits from a dissatisfied customer.

On the other hand, if ~ $150 is pocket change, go for it, because you probably have great internet and wifi.



I do agree with BuckEye. I bought 1 V1 camera. I tried it in different rooms of my home. My home is 90 years old with very thick walls, built with real plaster over chicken wire. So I needed to know if it would receive the signal all over our home. It did. So I bought 17 more V1’s. I have 8 in the 90 year old home and the other 10 in our summer home, which is only 30 years old with dry-wall walls. I don’t have any problems in either house. The one I expected problems in was the older home. So, do as BuckEye suggested. Then buy the cameras that you want or need. To my knowledge, there is no limit to the number of cameras that you can have on your app.


Yes, good advise from both of you!