Maximum length of the USB cable allowed for Wyze cam V3

I have a Wyze cam V3. The nearest electrical socket from where I want to place the V3 is 30 feet away. Since we are using the USB cable for power only and not for data, is there a limit to the length of USB cable that will still work with the V3 without significant voltage drop? Also where can I find a long enough USB cable that will work with the V3?

Thanks for any advice and recommendations.

Use a POE injector and a POE>5v usb adapter with an ethernet cable in between.

example POE injector:

example POE>usb splitter


@speadie’s advice is dead on and the best way to go. 30 feet is probably the maximum you’d get USB to run. I have a V2 at the end of one but I don’t think it gets enough power. The signal from the sensor is noticeably poor (and immediately improves with a shorter run).

Or simply a light weight AC extension cord. Couple bucks and you’re done.

Permanent use of extension cords is frowned upon by the fire department and possibly your home insurance company, because they pose a fire / electrocution hazard.

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Try to find an outside cover for that splitter to keep out the weather and I can’t find any.

Get a standard weatherproof project box and add some waterproof cable glands for for the ethernet cable in and the micro usb out.

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I had a V2 at the end of a 31’ USB cable run. 25’ Extension + the OEM 6’ cable. It woked fine but I also used a 2.4A USB power supply.

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Or you could do this too…
POE alternative

We’re going in circles. :grin:

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I am in the process of running 5 V3. I purchased a POE Swtich to handle up to 8 devices. So far everything is working well. I believe one of the cable is longer than 30’. I agree with @speadie, use POE.

Thanks for all your recommendations. I do have some questions. Your 5 V3’s must be spread throughout the house so must be some distance from one another. How do you run the cables from the POE switch to all the V3’s? Do you use a POE switch, a POE injector or a POE converter? (sorry, I am a beginner and am pretty confused by all the different types of equipment). Which POE switch do you use? What cables (USB, Cat5 or Cat6) do you use?

Thanks again.

Chung Yuan Mui

I purchased this POE+ Switch:

and these POE adapters

or this one

I have an advantage where my house is one level, so running from my Garage / Media Closet area to the corners of the house is easily done through the attic. I then cut simple holes in the soffet, installed single gang low voltage mounting brackets and a coverplate. I mount the camera to the cover plate and attach it to the single mounting bracket and run the wire inside the soffet, out of the elements.

I decided on the POE+ Switch as I wanted to be ready for when and If wyze decides to activate the Wored ability of the V3’s. in the October AMA, they indicated that they were looking into this. So I am prepared either way.