Maximum Length of Cable?



What is the maximum length of the USB-microUSB cable?


There is no specific maximum. The longer the cable, the thicker gauge internal wires are necessary to prevent voltage drop. I can tell you that the 15’ cable from Monoprice linked below is adequate:

If you need a cable longer than that, you will have to try to determine if it is of sufficient gauge to prevent too much of a voltage drop. Use a voltage drop calculator such as this one:



I recently went thru the same max length exercise, cuz I wanted a longer USB cable RATHER THAN a bigger whole to cut (to get thru the big plug of an extension cord).

I beLIEve the total max length is 16.4 feet, UNLESS you get an “Active” USB cable. This product from Amazon… gave me the 21 or so total feet I needed. The camera works great.


The “active” part is about getting data transmission to work over longer distances. Not really relevant for just power transmission as being used for the Wyzecam. The info for the cable you link actually says “Not recommended for charging devices such as a smartphone”. I don’t see any spec listed for AWG wire gauge for the power wires, but if it’s working for your Wyzecam, it’s probably fine.


Assuming I understand what you’re talking about - I use a 25’ cable for one of my cameras. It’s working great:



I bought this cable, however when I plugged it into the camera, a portion of the USB sticks out (the metallic" head which is strange.


I’m having trouble picturing what you’re describing. Could you take a photo and post it here?


If it were me, I would install an electrical receptacle closer to the camera location if possible. If not possible, run an extension cord. Extending the USB cable over long distances is not advisable over about 9 to 15 meters (30 to 50 feet), using electrical principle formulas, you can calculate the wire gauge over distance vs. voltage drop. The longer the distance, the larger the gauge (lower gauge number) of the wire, in order to prevent voltage drop (power loss) to the camera(s) being powered.

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Since my locations are quite possibly temporary, I’ve been going with the cheap Wallyworld extension cords.


Another issue you might have with a long usb power cord is that it will act like an antenna since it isn’t shielded. If you have someone with a cb or maybe an electrical motor or fluorescent light ballast that is generating RF noise, that long usb wire might pick some of it up and make interference or video problems.


I have a 33 foot cable and it works fine.