MaxDrive by Wyze


Awesome, thanks! Glad to see Wyze continue to support beginners and power users alike. I’ll probably end up getting my cameras to sync to my existing NAS when SMB support comes out. At the moment said NAS is only backing up from the one camera I have RTSP enabled on (using Shinobi), so it would be great to get all of my cameras backed up without sacrificing features and updates. That being said, if the MaxDrive ends up being cheaper than, say, a Raspberry Pi 3, I might be tempted to buy one and hide it in the ductwork…



I already have a pretty nice NAS, so I wouldn’t have much use for running custom software on a MaxDrive, but I think a lot of other users (i.e. anyone with some know-how who gets a MaxDrive as their first NAS) could really use the ability to run custom software. Potential applications include:

  • Running a home VPN: Could also be a built-in feature, I know there are even routers that do this these days
  • Running PiHole or a similar local DNS cache: Improves browsing experience for the entire network, low resource demand. I run PiHole on my NAS and it makes browsing so much nicer on devices without built-in filtering capabilities.
  • Syncing MaxDrive contents with external services (Dropbox, remote FTP, etc): Great for helping users implement a proper 3-2-1 backup strategy (3 copies, 2 media, 1 offsite).


Can’t wait for this!



Suffice to say that if a 32GB SD card costs less than $8 then its most likely fake. Just buy it from WYZE



I don’t know why u are waiting ? – you can backup to Goggle Drive right now ( up to 15gb free)



Yes I can. And actually I have more space than that. But I plan on using that for phone backup. And for backup of phone photos and videos. Not my security videos. That’s why I want this. Dedicated memory for a dedicated purpose. Google drive isn’t my backup. It’s a backup for other things though. This drive is what I want. To be able to save years of video footage for that just in case moment. Instead of days. That’s why.



I can get 32gb sd cards from Walmart for 9 bucks…

How is finding some other non name brand ones meaning they are fake or not on sale?



Seems like WyzeDrive (or WyzeDryve) would be a better name than MaxDrive anyway. No conflict, and ties into your existing branding.

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Will the MaxDrive be compatible with Linux? I’m interested not only for Wyze footage backup but also just regular NAS file storage. Thanks!



What Will Be The Price Point???



Continuing the discussion from MaxDrive by Wyze:

Can not wait for the MaxDrive … and retire my aging WD 2TB My Cloud NAS. Of course, I still have a death grip on my elderly iPhone 5c and an older Netgear router … so I’ll be interested in seeing if my luck still holds. So far WYZE products work like a charm.

I know, I know, upgrade, upgrade, upgrade … but hey if my set-up still works, why fix it?

I signed up for hardware beta testing months ago … but since I don’t do facebook, probably have to wait until product is released. Is facebook still a requirement for hardware testing?



I’m probably dreaming but a slot for a Kensington lock would be nice. I have one for my Synology NAS as it just looks too inviting should the worst happen. I have it attached to a medium strength metal shelf leg through to an opening on my 6’ desk.



Anybody have a good article about setting up an RTSP for Wyze Cams?


New 2.3 Beta App Launched


HDRock. In my case, one of my Wyze Cam’s was stolen during an attempted break-in of my house. There was no video clip of the guy’s face, up close and personal. That would have given me more confidence in identifying him. All I have are video clips of his whole body from my other Cams. I firmly believe that Real Time recording is essential for these Cams. Thank you for your continued pursuit of Real Time recording.



Why supports only one drive? It should support at least 2 so that we can do raid for redundancy



RAID would be nice, but it would be a completely different product and not likely able to be done at the price point they are contemplating.



They already support personal files. It’s not really a different product. RAID is a must have for NAS. I’d rather pay higher for this.



Considering that the maxdrive has only a single drive slot and that adding another drive slot may not even be possible within the current form factor, I would say that, yes, accommodating RAID would be a different product design.

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Will there be any kind of API for the Max, like a REST interface perhaps? One requirement for any NAS on my system is the ability to monitor it somehow…

Is it up? Is it Healthy? How much storage is used/available? Maybe events like the last write or the last IP to access it.

Simple things like that. REST, SNMP, some kind of monitoring interface.

I think that’s kind of a requirement once you start calling this a NAS. If the answer is yes, or planned - then I’ll definitely buy one; otherwise I’d be more likely to build one myself with open source software for the same price point or even slightly higher.

Don’t get me wrong; I WANT to buy this and the pricing is great IMHO. But some way to keep an eye on things - BEYOND USING THE APP - is super important to me. It gives me a method to get that data into my smart home system which ultimately runs everything else.

Thanks for your continued dedication to your customers!