MaxDrive by Wyze (Cancelled)

Thank you for being a supporter of ours from the start! Unfortunately the Wyze Cam V1 will not be receiving access to this update. This is because of hardware limitations for the V1, with its current feature list it does not have a lot of storage space remaining for larger updates. We will continue to support it with stability fixes and any small updates that we are able to provide to the camera however.

I will be making sure that we include some “suggested for best performance” models, but there will be no restrictions for internal drives other than the connection must be SATA 3.0 & it be 12TB or less.

So it must have ethernet cable connectivity?? How about wi-fi? Sure hope wi-fi is the way to go as we live in a very rural area and like most of the US do not have access to HI-Speed internet (yes it is true, most of the US does NOT have access to high speed internet) but do have an unlimited data plan so we hotspot (very successfully) everything in our house.


@WyzeMaxS, does this mean that Wyze will also provide support for the personal cloud features and app once Wyze is selling the MaxDrive?

Honestly cant wait for the MaxDrive to be out already.

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Most NAS devices don’t have WiFi so it’s not surprising it’s ethernet-only. However, if you need to connect an ethernet-only device to WiFi you can use a “wireless bridge” that connects to a WiFi network and has an ethernet port or ports to connect to other devices. Many routers support this mode so if you have an old router you could try it, or my personal favorite is the tiny/inexpensive MT300N pocket router from GL.iNet ($20):

It’s definitely not as easy as having a NAS with built-in WiFi, but it opens up more hardware since you’re no longer limited to using devices with built-in WiFi.


The MaxDrive does need an ethernet connection. However, there are solutions to this:

For example,


Awesome. I signed up for hardware testing a while ago. Hopefully I’m not to far down on the list. Until then, patiently waiting.

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This model will only have Ethernet connectivity, I have taken note of your feedback, and am curious if others have a similar use case.

Yes, as far as the user experience goes for support Wyze will be providing support for all aspects. This includes support of the MaxDrive App (for both mobile & desktop) as well as warranty.

Thanks for the support! How are you planning on using the MaxDrive? will it be primarily for Wyze Cam backup, or personal cloud use?

I only plan to use it for video footage backup from the wyze cams. I might use it as a cloud backup. I didnt know it was going to have that capability until now as the information has been kinda limited as to what it can do. I just cant wait to have a place for all the wyze footage so it doesnt overload my phone and google drive up.

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Thanks for the reply! Please ping me if you have any questions about the MaxDrive as we go forward.

Will do. I really look forward to what all it can do. Heck I still wouldnt mind being a hardware tester for you guys. I think it would be fun.

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I’m looking forward to the Max drive , Because I don’t like storing things on the cloud , I like to Have important things Stored Several different places In case of a drive failure or something , I have an NAS And External USB drive , The Max drive will give me another place to store Those important things Plus , I will definitely be putting an SSD in it , I have my eye on a couple right now , you know what they say, you can never have enough storage .
Sounds like the Max drive will be accessible From wherever you need .

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When I heard MaxDrive I got super excited thinking it was a car dashcam.

Now you need to get that onto your product roadmap. Expectations have been set :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks! Glad to see Wyze continue to support beginners and power users alike. I’ll probably end up getting my cameras to sync to my existing NAS when SMB support comes out. At the moment said NAS is only backing up from the one camera I have RTSP enabled on (using Shinobi), so it would be great to get all of my cameras backed up without sacrificing features and updates. That being said, if the MaxDrive ends up being cheaper than, say, a Raspberry Pi 3, I might be tempted to buy one and hide it in the ductwork…

I already have a pretty nice NAS, so I wouldn’t have much use for running custom software on a MaxDrive, but I think a lot of other users (i.e. anyone with some know-how who gets a MaxDrive as their first NAS) could really use the ability to run custom software. Potential applications include:

  • Running a home VPN: Could also be a built-in feature, I know there are even routers that do this these days
  • Running PiHole or a similar local DNS cache: Improves browsing experience for the entire network, low resource demand. I run PiHole on my NAS and it makes browsing so much nicer on devices without built-in filtering capabilities.
  • Syncing MaxDrive contents with external services (Dropbox, remote FTP, etc): Great for helping users implement a proper 3-2-1 backup strategy (3 copies, 2 media, 1 offsite).
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Can’t wait for this!

Suffice to say that if a 32GB SD card costs less than $8 then its most likely fake. Just buy it from WYZE