MaxDrive by Wyze (Cancelled)

Ahhhh! Good catch!

Helpful hint: If you use Chrome as your browser of choice, there is a pop-up option to translate websites in foreign languages to English. Of course, it is automated so there will be errors of context…

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The link was just pointing out the product Wyze will be using. It’s another company selling presumably in China, so not really shady. Wyze will have the product on their website.

Google/Chrome shady?, ok

If you want to take control of the cams feed as u said, you’re only choice is to use the rtsp firmware. Most people using rtsp are probably not concerned about future updates as they’re using a different software.

some people are just never happy…smh

It seems as though the Community Guidelines may not have been followed recently on this topic.

In this situation, the moderators’ instructions are to temporarily close the comments and to call in a Wyze employee. The Wyze employee may open comments again after they have a chance to review this thread.


Just for the record, neither @Ken.S or @Loki are employees of Wyze.


1st, I am not an Wyze employee, I am a customer like the majority of the people participating in the thread. No Wyze employee directed you to a Chinese website or Chrome…why would you assume we are employees? lol

Wyze has many, many happy customers (like myself).

If you did some research, you’d discover there’s a reason why there won’t be future updates for rtsp firmware. The chip on the cam is only so big, more features require more space. RTSP apparently takes up enough space to not allow for new features…you can’t have it all pal.

Wyze has gone above & beyond adding features that have been requested. Those features were not advertised when u purchased.

again, some ppl can never be pleased…


Hello! I would like to address a few of your concerns:

  1. Previous communications - Those you have been speaking to so far have been community members, and are not employed by Wyze. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

  2. MaxDrive website - This is the website for our partner on the MaxDrive project. In an effort to bring the product to our ecosystem quickly and to provide as stable of an experience as possible we decided to leverage their expertise. Before product launch we will be posting a product page on our website.

  3. RTSP - Due to hardware restraints the Wyze Cam v2 and Pan can only store the software for our current features + RTSP, or our current features + new features. This is also why the Wyze Cam v1 will not have RTSP access, it simply can not fit. We will be providing bug fixes for the RTSP firmware as needed.

I hope this helps!


I was going to respond directly to the tirade above, but it is so laughable, I’ll pass. Just to be clear, my suggestion was about translating websites in foreign languages to English via a browser. I guess other browsers have plugins and tools for such. Anyone is free to use any browser of their preference.

I assume most of the responders in this thread are community members like me and do not work for Wyze. Neither is this an attempt to steer anyone towards Chinese sites or Google’s “data grab”. On the other hand, anyone so paranoid about these things would be better off in some off-grid Faraday-shielded underground bunker, rather than commenting on a public forum for a product we all seem to be very interested in…


Back to your regularly scheduled topic :wink:

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I’m interested and signed up for Beta. Hopefully they will have a better way than the mobile app to buy it as soon as it becomes available. With the sensors I tried to buy one for days using the mobile app and I kept not being able to because it kept erroring out. Sadly I missed out and could not get me early access to sensors because the mobile app problems. Now I have to wait for them to go on sale :frowning:

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I bought my sensors using a Windows laptop.

Maxdrive is delayed.

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THAT is a big disappointment :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:
/edit - thanks for the info

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Yes that’s disappointing , With that capability I would see no need for RTSP.
As all video would be available to all your devices off the drive.
How about working on the Maxdrive App, so that all cameras can backup to the 2tb hard drive
I have installed on my router, or any brand Nas
I am sure plenty of people have routers with USB Hard drives
The software is the Key

Support for storage on a NAS hard drive would be wonderful, regardless of the MaxDrive hardware itself (as I already have a NAS device).



I will add that RTSP is now available and you can use it to support streaming to your own NAS. To use RTSP on a Wyze Cam, you need to flash the special RTSP firmware to the camera. Lots of info is available if you search on the forum for “RTSP”. The basics are here: