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Auto-update isn’t enough. To see the most recent version in the iOS app store, pull down to refresh the list of apps to be updated.

We should set a drinking game to this, lol.


hahahahahahah tomorrow i’m game


Sounds like a plan :+1:


I would probably be passed out by now


I know I am, lol. zzzzzz…

That’s an absolutely ridiculous thing to expect…

…until release of Version 3.


I’ll be in the corner waiting patiently.

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What did you get them for? As a toy? Or do you just want to play some sort of semantics game?

Question A: I got them to capture the goings-on of family and friends departing and arriving, roaming neighborhood cats, the extensive deer population, mail delivery, lawn maintenance team, service contractors, food delivery, and the curious way my neighbor departs from his home a gazillion times a day. That’s just off the top of my head. I keep finding new usages for the cams.

Question B: Yes, like FaceTime, which is an excellent toy within a very expensive well-designed toy called an iPhone, but that I would still never use as a primary mission-critical video conferencing tool for group business meetings. A designation of “a toy” doesn’t associate any reduction of quality. It only associates an intended usage. Still, my security system came with 24/7 alarm monitoring but no person detection; so the percentage of my Wyze cams is 100% better at detecting people than even it.

Question C: No. I’m in total agreement with you. I wouldn’t use Wyze cams as security cams either, as that’s not their intended use to replace a complete security system. I’m just ecstatic that the five cams I knowingly purchased without person detection have now gained the functionality for free, and with a ridiculously high detection rate in a $25 camera. If any security cams actually have a 100% detection rate, I assume they would be crazy-expensive or for the military or corporate markets, and so I wouldn’t be willing to pay for any even if made available to me. I can only imagine this brand new free feature and future Wyze products will increase detection percentages over time with this leading AI company they’ve collaborated with recently. The future is looking bright, even without a Wyze Bulb switched on nearby. That’s a lot of questions and answering. So I’ll conclude my participation by saying again: We’re in agreement with Wyze that these cams should not be used to replace a security system. The fact that they work so well as one considering that is just gravy, to most of us.


I don’t think we are in total agreement. Wyze is a security/surveillance tool and you should be able to rely upon it to be one. It works fine as either as long as you don’t rely on the 90-95% success rate of person detection.

I also don’t think you can use percentages like that. “100% better at detecting people 90% of the time,” would be more accurate than “100% better at detecting people” in reference to your home security system vs. Wyze.

I disagree. From the Wyze TOS: “The products and services are not intended for use as security or life safety devices or services (such as a burglar alarm or monitoring system). Please do not rely on the products and services for any such critical uses.”


TOS? Meh… no one reads those things. :sleeping::sleeping:

QTip packaging says not to put them into your ears. Same reason

1 Like is correct. Wyze devices were not designed or intended to be professional surveillance/security products. Any purchaser may choose to apply those products as if they were professional surveillance/security devices but that does not make them so.


I think you all are pretty much saying the same thing. As a few are pointing out, Wyze is definitely not a professional grade solution to a complete security system. But neither is Nest, Arlo, Blink, and a host of other consumer grade security cameras/solutions. That said, Wyze HAS to say ("Please do not rely on the products and services for any such critical uses.”) from a legal perspective … as do any consumer related platform in this market. If for nothing else, to protect them from civil liability.

The Q-Tip analogy was great.

However, the great team members at Wyze all know what they are being used for. He##, all you have to do is spend 5 minutes on this forum and you can get a pretty good feel for it.

That’s why they our constantly enhancing their products specifically for the security system person in mind, Why else would they add People Detection, Sense Door/Window Contacts, and PIR Motion Sensors? Sure, you can put a contact on a cookie jar or a fridge as they advertise it … but who really does that? I would bet more than 50% of us are using their product as a monitoring system at a minimum or a full out security system. And why not? With the right setup, Wyze is just as good (if not better) than the competitors out there … and most certainly at a fraction of the cost.

The Wyze team knows this, are making products to support this and advertising to it (at least indirectly) as they should.

Just my 2 cents. And good lord, I think I just wrote a commercial for them. Sigh.


I believe the term would be “lawyer speak”.
Every company in the world has a group of lawyers who will word the TOS so no one can come back and sue them if something goes wrong.

Everybody does this. They’re just covering their [MOD EDIT].

I wouldn’t be surprised to find that hidden deep in the TOS of professional security systems costing thousands of dollars more, there is also a similar statement.

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Excellent news!