Mark Events In Playback

not if you use an sd card. the cool down period only applies to the 12 second clips on the events page.

I would prefer to have the option of capturing all the movements detected in picture format instead of having minutes of recorded video where nothing happens activated by any change detected by the camera. It takes me forever to review minutes and minutes without finding any activity or any indication of where the movement happened. I would rather prefer to simply have snapshots of all the moments where the camera detected image changes and avoid all video footage where no movement happens. Pictures would take on less space than video recordings on the servers and it would be more useful for a lot of people. Thanks.

ok…lets say i’m out of state. i got an alert…i check event/recording and found someone suspicious at my door…how do i stop recording after 30min otherwise the microSD will record over the event if i do not come home til next week? do i go to that recording event and save that portion only to phone ASAP otherwise it will get deleted correct?

While playing it back in the app, you can hit the Record button to save it in real time to your phone’s camera roll. Then you have it saved permanently, and it doesn’t matter if it gets recorded over.

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but if i don’t save the video and did not get to it til the end of the week…that video is gone from my timeline? or can i still go back later on and save to file? OR is it base on my SDcard size?
32gb only save 3days of continuously video? i’m little confuse here. Or should i turn off my cam remotely to prevent video event from overwrite?

You could turn your SDcard recording to events only and you will get significantly more time. It will record in 1-minute increments and if the increment has motion it will keep it on the card, if it does not it won’t.


As Jason said, you can switch it to event only SD card recording, which will use less space. How much less depends on how much motion event happens.

Or you could just turn off SD recording.

Or you could save the video to your phone, which you can do from any location, and then you’ll have it.

And yes, the time before it starts overwriting depends on the size of the SD card.


I’d greatly appreciate this software improvement!!! :slight_smile:

Yes the event marker feature needs to be added. Serious deal breaker for me.
Will have have to give this camera a 1 star review on Amazon because of this

I am just curious why you would give a 1-star review for a feature that is not advertised or offered. They are however researching it based on the title.


It looks like this feature has been added. not sure when, I just saw it today.

Thanks and and now I’ll buy more cameras!