Mark Events In Playback

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I have been waiting for this! It surely is a pain, too find motion events in the timeline! Hopefully this is implemented soon! Kudos!


it’s been on the list for 8 months now and i haven’t herd boo about it in quite some time. either it’s a complicated approach or not that high on the radar at this point.

It’s a complicated approach and one we’ve been looking into. Sorry for the silence! We just haven’t had anything to say past, “We’re researching it.”


This is a long time later, but yeah. That needs to be more obvious. I had no idea that was a thing.

This isn’t how it works for me. When I tap the left arrow it goes to the 0800 of the current day. if i tap again it goes to 0800 of the previous day. if I tap right it goes to 0800 of the next day, and if I’m on the current tap, tapping the rght arrow goes to “live”

if the arrows scrolled through events as you described…that would certainly be nice.

I never thought about what those arrows do for continuous. this seems like behavior that would certainly be befitting of continuous recording. I might have to do a day of continuous just to test some of the differences.

Yes mine is continuous

A “jump to next event” button within playback would be awesome too.

Unless you are using Continuous Recording. Those arrows just move you to 8am typically in continuous recording.

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A button/icon to click within an event that would take you directly to the event in video playback for that camera (assuming you have an SD card) would be ideal.

That would be extremely helpful for people using Continuous Recording. Then color code the timeline to make manually searching for events easier.

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My arrows just move to 7am and 7 pm when I hit them on continuous recording playback.

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I’ve tested this on both my cam pan and regular cam and neither seem to jump between events. As stated below, it jumps to specific times and ignores events.

That is expected behavior. The arrows can only move between events if you have the SD recording in event-only mode.


Oh ok. That’s where the confusion is then. This topic was regarding jumping during continuous recording not event only. So the comment stating it already exists was inaccurate. Thanks for the clarification.

The main question is… How long are they going to take to research this feature? They just need to make the events that have motion in a different color on the timeline. I have another inexpensive camera that does this in their app.


I think the issue is that the events are stored in the cloud, but the continuous timeline is stored on the SD card.

that doesn’t make it impossible, but it is probaby why it isn’t an inherent feature. If the event swere stored locally, it might be more obvious…but then you would also be wasting space on your SD card for double recordings.

So, the app would have to query the cloud to find out where events occured.

The other option would be to put an event tracking file on the SD card that keeps up with the time/date of events. The problem there is you’d have to come up with a smart way to purge that, knowing that the SD card has limited capacity and the event video won’t be on there forever. Your first iteration could be extremely simple and only keep the last 100 events, purging the oldest. Could be a “flat file” format that the app queries when it pulls videos on the “View Playback” screen.

I think that’s the way i would do it. Probably a much cheaper solution than extra queries to your “free” cloud service.

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Also, you can have a function where after the event has been played, you can click on a button “full video” so that it shows the start of the event in full playback mode.

When using motion recording with an SD card, I think it would be nice to display a list of recordings from the SD card similar to how the event clips are displayed. I don’t like having to scroll around on the timeline to find things. It would be nice to see a list of the events that could be clicked on and played just like the 12 second events.

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Yes. In addition, show us a timeline of motion activity even when the motion is below the threshold. If I get a motion alert when I set my motion threshold to 50 percent, I may want to see any motion at 40 percent before that. A visual line graph along the timeline above and below the trigger would be very helpful.