Mark Events In Playback

Yes please!

  1. On the video clip, provide a link to play from SD card if continuous recording.
  2. Mark the timeline with an alarm indicator so events can be easily found when reviewing the timeline.

If you need help adding this feature, let me know!


This looks lovely. We can always extend this in the future to use different colors for different types of triggers (motion/sound/cat/car/etc). If you need more help, open source it so the community can lend a hand. :wink:


Completely agree. The event already has the date/time. It should be fairly trivial to use that data to jump to that point in time in the recording.

It would be SUPER helpful, as I frequently need to see more than 12 seconds of an event. Especially if the event was a previous day, it is a big pain to try and scroll to that point in time.

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Could we get a color coded playback bar or some markers on events? With my current detection settings I miss a few things but if I turn them up I get too many alerts. So I installed a SD card and set to always record. Now when I go to playback I just see one long blue line showing I have footage. If that blue bar was footage but then change it’s color when there was footage with motion or footage with audio alerts, then navigating playback would be a lot quicker.

You can vote for it here:

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I have been waiting for this! It surely is a pain, too find motion events in the timeline! Hopefully this is implemented soon! Kudos!

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it’s been on the list for 8 months now and i haven’t herd boo about it in quite some time. either it’s a complicated approach or not that high on the radar at this point.

It’s a complicated approach and one we’ve been looking into. Sorry for the silence! We just haven’t had anything to say past, “We’re researching it.”

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This is a long time later, but yeah. That needs to be more obvious. I had no idea that was a thing.

This isn’t how it works for me. When I tap the left arrow it goes to the 0800 of the current day. if i tap again it goes to 0800 of the previous day. if I tap right it goes to 0800 of the next day, and if I’m on the current tap, tapping the rght arrow goes to “live”

if the arrows scrolled through events as you described…that would certainly be nice.

It does work as I described for me .
Do you have your SD card Recording set to Events only or continues?

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I never thought about what those arrows do for continuous. this seems like behavior that would certainly be befitting of continuous recording. I might have to do a day of continuous just to test some of the differences.

Yeah, I never do continuous so Maybe that’s why his acts the way it does , Test it out

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Yes mine is continuous

A “jump to next event” button within playback would be awesome too.

Already exists
Tapping the arrow On the right side of the Timeline will Jump forward to next start of a recorded event , Tapping the arrow On the left side of the Timeline will jump back to the previous Recorded event