Mark Events In Playback



Motion detection is a powerful filtering mechanism for continuous storage. Recommend that the files have a flag appended to the filename which eliminates the need to have a database to track which have motion and which do not. When viewing local storage a toggle to show all continuous storage or only that with motion.

In addition, the visual timeline that shows green shading should incorporate a color for each of the flags. Green for no motion, red for motion. This enable the user to move through time and quickly identify and view video with motion.

This should not include a 5 minute cool down period that is used for cloud.


It would be convenient to have a “Click” within the 12-second Event playback to jump directly to the recorded Playback video at the date and time where the event occurred. This should work whether the Playback recording was Continuous or Event-driven.

The currently implementation is very inconvenient. It is up to the user to remember the camera, date and time of the event (down to a few minutes). back out to the Home screen, select the proper camera, click “View Playback” and then manually scrub through it to find the video of interest.


There’s a separate #roadmap topic for that:


Should be easy, just repeat what you did with the record event only to here. Mark the event in blue and everything else in white, the only difference is the part in white can be viewed unlike the record event only.


Another idea here - add a button that lets you jump from short cloud recordings to the same time in full playback.
The problem solved here is that most of the times important things don’t fit in 12 sec, so you need to go to playback and manuallu find when the event took place.

Markers in playback timeline and ability to jump to next/previous event would also help, of course.


That function is already there just by tapping the arrow’s on the right or left side of the timeline, Forward or back


Hmm. For me it just jumps to the beginning/end of all recorded footage (I am recording non-stop).


Well Yes that makes sense , With continuous recording There’s nothing to jump do but the end .
If you have it set for Recording Events only , You can jump forward to the next event Or back to the previous event


My zmodo camera has the events colored yellow in the playback mode. It is very useful and I’d love to see this on my wyze


Absolutely!!! Yes please!


Im new to Wyze cameras (Love Them!!!) but I have an older Zmodo camera that has this feature implemented. On that camera, the timeline is highlighted for motion even if it occurred during the cool down period. This allows me to scrub through the timeline - just skipping to the next highlighted segment - even if there was no event. A button to go forward and back to the next highlight would be awesome too! Love my Wyze PanCam!!!


It would be nice to be able to configure a setting to redirect the event notifications from the cloud to the SD card in the camera, possibly under a new folder/directory that is protected from being written over by the continuous recording/feed. This would allow me to pop-out the card and load it to my laptop rather than downloading each clip by viewing it from the cloud (which is very time consuming). Would be a big time saver for a person and allow me to archive what was important rather than losing it to the 14 day expiration.


This is the best option for marking events in playback.


I have continuous recording turned on and event recording for motion. I understand that I can view the continuous recording by hitting the playback button and scrolling through, and that for motion events I need to go to the events tab in the app. What seems to be missing is some indication on the scrolling playback bar of when a motion event occurred. Ideally, when scrolling through a day of recordings I should be able to see where motion events occurred. Now, if I want to see anything before or after the 12 seconds of recorded events I have to look at motion events, find the time stamps, go into the playback, and find that time period, and then view the period before and after the event. It would be WAY better if motion events were indicated in the playback bar in a different color so that we could quickly and easily go to that time period.


It would be incredibly useful to have tag markers (cookies?) when an event occured in the sliding playback scale. Simplifying checking the 5 minute timeout.
Bonus feature would be a button to jump to events in the playback slider.


In case you missed it, Wyze did a video Q&A session a while ago. The subject of this #roadmap topic was addressed in the video. Here’s a link to the video and an index of the content so you can jump directly to the part that addresses this #roadmap topic.

0:40 Outdoor Cam (Dongsheng)
2:15 Wyze Sense (Mike)
2:52 Beyond Security Products (Mike)
3:30 Become International Company (Yun)
4:25 Simultaneous Streaming (Tao)
5:05 Improvements to Playback (Bugs, Fast Forward) (Tao)
5:50 RTSP (Frederick)
7:10 Google Home/Assistant (Frederick)
7:40 Apple Homekit (Frederick)
8:35 Google Integration Demo (Frederick)


Can we please have 24-hour notation on the playback timeline!


Try rotating your phone to landscape and see if it isn’t 24-hour.


Thanks for the reply.
It turns out that on the iPadPro, the timeline IS in 2400 format
But on my Android, the timeline is 1200 (no AM or PM) in either orientation, while the popup is 2400


Well that stinks. I prefer 24h format, but can work either way. 12h without the AM or PM is just wrong.