Manually adjust Cam Outdoor detection zone

Why is there not a way to adjust the detection zone in the app for the Outdoor Cam like you can with the indoor cam? Having to manually adjust the zone by moving the whole camera is not helpful. It’s impossible to get detection zone the way I want with the super wide static zone given. Wyze needs to make the detection zone adjustable through the app and not moving the whole camera.


The Outdoor camera uses an actual PIR motion sensor so adjustable detection zones cannot be done in that way. The V2 camera doesn’t have any motion sensors and just uses software to look at pixel changes in the image to determine motion and can be adjustable.

The advantage of the PIR in the outdoor camera is less false triggers but the disadvantage is they are only adjustable for things like sensitivity, but not zones


Thanks, that’s helpful. When the app tell me to “Manually adjust”, I assume it means to move the camera so the detection zone is within that confusing gradient overlay. Does zooming the camera image in that view do anything? The ability to zoom itself is also confusing…seems like the act of zooming is also a manual adjustment.

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Thanks for the response, but that is disappointing. I bought the Outdoor camera to see wildlife that comes through my backyard. It will not even detect my dogs, day or night, when they are there. The only thing it seems to detect is a person if they are only 3 to 10 feet away from the camera. I love the ‘detection zone’ capability of my Wyze Cam 2 and Wyze Cam Pan. The adjustable detection zone of the Wyze cam 2 has allowed me to look out my front door and only see people/animals coming to my front door but not the vehicles driving by on the street. Wish the outdoor had that capability.


Just want to share my disappointment with the implementation of detection zones and the inability to edit them in a meaningful way. The camera monitoring my side door is (correctly) identifying people and sending alerts, unfortunately they’re often across the street and of no concern to me. There is no practical way to change the orientation of the camera (manual detection zone adjustment) to limit the area I am interested in while eliminating those areas I’m not interested in. Suffice to say it is annoying to get so many ‘false’ alarms and even more annoying that the battery life will suffer mightily because of this limitation. Hopefully even with the choice to use PIR there can be at least ‘somewhat’ of a software fix to improve this feature…which for me at least at this point is more like a flaw.

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