Make Wyze Sense motion sensor look less like a camera

Wyze sense motion sensor looks like a camera. I would love to see it look more like the hue sensors that the dome part is white so it doesn’t look like a camera lense. I can’t put it in a bathroom or guest room without people thinking they are being watched

Wonder if the dome is replaceable?
I’ve taken the back off but didn’t look to see if it’s easily disassemblable

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That would be nice


Just what I was thinking! I think it looks cool, but I had to explain to my family multiple times that they weren’t cameras, and could only detect motion :sweat_smile:


I like it as is, with the red light that comes on it reminds me of HAL 9000.

How about a white lens instead of the black lens in a white body of the motion sensor? I have my sense motion detector just sitting on the top trim of my window at the end of the 30’ hall. The trim is white, the wall is white, the sense body is white and there in the vast expanse of white is a black dot. my wife noticed it within minutes of me setting it there after I had vacated the hall. I have white motion detectors in my Raspberry Pi Home assistant setup, they are fairly innocuous in a white setting.

Maybe offer them in white and black versions.

8 bulbs
3 V2 Cams
2 pan cams
2 motion detectors
4 sensors
4 smart plugs


I will replace all my motion sensor once they release the white version

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Wyze, please release a white dome version, everyone thinks it’s creepy to have a camera in the bathroom!