Make timestamp larger and moveable


The timestamp is way too small to be “reasonably readable”. I think it should be at least as big as the “WYZE” watermark. Plz also consider putting a black background around it, which will also help readability. See attached pic.

Timeline obscures Time/Date Stamp in playback/landscape view (ios)

Try reading the timestamp on my Android in landscape mode, AND, in playback mode.

Now, try to imagine that you are trying to quickly search thru video for a particular event #irestmycase


On iOS, as long as your finger is on the timeline, there is a time indicator (see below) that pops up over the video while scrolling in both portrait and landscape. Do you not have this on Android?


GP- good point. The time is there when yur finger is on the timeline.

The “time indicator” is also somewhat “touchy”, which “piles on” some addtl frustration. What I am saying is that there is “room for improvement”, which really only shows up when you want to quickly find an event.

I nearly gave up recently when trying to identify a “porch pirate”. Wyze helped me to determine that there was a “wind thief”.


In case you’re not aware, if you put two fingers on the timeline and spread them apart, the scale will zoom in, making it much easier to stop at a specific time once you have gotten close.

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Rather than changing the size perhaps you could put the placement in the setup so you could try with your phone. For me, top right would be best. Other devices clearly different.

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Feature request: Please add the ability for users to change the corner where the timestamp watermark is displayed. I’d like the ability to position the time in the top left corner of the frame. Thanks!


(MOD NOTE: Changed the title of this topic to reflect the requests in the thread.)

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