Make Geofencing Available for more things

I was super excited to see the geofencing built into Wyze app for my Auto Unlock feature.

I would love it if I had the option to auto lock when I leave the fence instead of it being timer-based. I live alone so that would be a preferable option.

Second, I use IFTTT to turn on my inside cameras when I exit the geofence and then turn them off when I arrive home. I would love to have a geofencing trigger native in the Wyze app’s rules so I could remove IFTTT from the equation.

Thanks for considering!


See this #wishlist topic: Multiple User Geofencing (Geo Location).

My guess (no inside info) is that now that geofencing code has been developed for the lock, it will be much easier for Wyze to add it as a general feature of the app. Note that the referenced topic is in the “researching” phase, which means it’s being worked on.


Great. So here we are on October 1 coming down to the wire with IFTTT and I’m not finding any information here to provide alternative Geofencing options for the cameras. Am I missing something? Is there another geofencing option that works to turn the cameras on when I leave an area and turn them off when I come back? I tried Alexa but “that’s not supported”.

There is no native GeoFencing functionality to control the cameras available from Wyze at the time I write this. But I would not be surprised if Wyze adds this functionality to their app. They already support it for the lock and I would imagine it will be supported by their upcoming security system.

So while it’s not currently supported by Wyze I believe it will be in time.