Make contact sensors w/external connections available individually w/o magnets

Make contact sensors with external connections available individually without magnets. The external connection can be used with other contact ‘switches’. Case-in-point, a completely wired home (windows, doors, etc.) for an older style alarm system. Such a contact sensor could be applied to the existing alarm sensor wiring making the alarm system smarter. All of the sensors could be applied in a central location without the need for applying to each door and window.

Those could also have other uses, such as a water sensor (just run two bare leads to a non-conductive surface, tack them down, and any leaking water would make a connection). They could also be connected to a simple switch to allow manual triggering to activate a routine (e.g., a physical switch for a Wyze bulb, for example).


I did just that myself. Popes the unit open and replaced the reed switch with a short bit of wire. Then I tied a zone of windows to it. While doing this to multiple devices, I noticed that a number of the antennas were very poorly soldered, and some snapped right off. A quick reheat of the solder took care of the problem.


I’ve soldered wires on my remote sensors in paralled with the reed switch to do just that. The advantage to keeping the magnetic reed switch is for debugging. Test which normaly closed remote contacts are open by passing a magnet over the sensors. :slightly_smiling_face:

How about making contact sensors the size of standard battery with metal contact at either end. They could be mounted in an off the shelf battery holder.

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With the pre-order announcement of the Wyze alarm system they could easily make a small wiring block that had say up to eight zones to tie into existing window magnetic sensors wiring and that be transmittable back to the base like other senses, but still have the ability to be detected/identify by zones as like using individual contacts and wiring pigtails in like some people have suggested.

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