Make App highlight a shortcut that is currently activated


I think it would be a great idea if the shortcut we have activated was highlighted in order to recognize that the app and cameras are doing what they are scheduled to do correctly.


Additional work is needed on this shortcut feature. As you pointed out @ericingrampt, there is no way to tell if actions that belong to a shortcut are active or not.

I’ve got 1 shortcut that turns on motion detection and notifications for a specific camera. If I make that shortcut visible on the home page there is no way to know the state of items controlled by the short cut without looking at those values in the per camera settings hiding behind the gear icon.

And then there is the entire area hiding behind the gear that also needs some UI love.


Shortcuts are a collections of actions. Actions, do things and are either successful or unsuccessful. They run and then they’re done, there is no “Active” state. If you want to know if they were successful, you can check the Shortcut History under My Account.