Make App highlight a shortcut button that is currently activated

I think it would be a great idea if the shortcut we have activated was highlighted in order to recognize that the app and cameras are doing what they are scheduled to do correctly.

Additional work is needed on this shortcut feature. As you pointed out @ericingrampt, there is no way to tell if actions that belong to a shortcut are active or not.

I’ve got 1 shortcut that turns on motion detection and notifications for a specific camera. If I make that shortcut visible on the home page there is no way to know the state of items controlled by the short cut without looking at those values in the per camera settings hiding behind the gear icon.

And then there is the entire area hiding behind the gear that also needs some UI love.


Shortcuts are a collections of actions. Actions, do things and are either successful or unsuccessful. They run and then they’re done, there is no “Active” state. If you want to know if they were successful, you can check the Shortcut History under My Account.


Also, it would be hugely beneficial if the app’s shortcut icons were user-selectable and differentiated. I have shortcuts for “turning on” and “turning off” (and similar functions) for several cameras, but the “shortcuts” all look identical, and the text description is only 9-digits long and impossibly tiny (compared to the meaningless circle icons with squares in their midst).


Really enjoying my Cam Pan and V2. My ask is wanting a visual indicator when a shortcut is enabled. I’ve created a few and when I select one, it pulsates, then returns to the icon. There’s no visual indicator that the shortcut is activate without going to settings to see the shortcut timeline. Is there a way to colour the shortcut icon once activated… Or something along those lines? I find I click a shortcut, forget about it, reopen the app and ask myself, if the shortcut is active or not. Must be a better way…


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I didn’t see this suggestion nor am I sure this is the right place for it but…I would like the icons for “Home” and “away” (or whatever you set them to be called) to change colors when they are activated. IT is hard to make sure you have selected the shortcut to be active.



Your post has been merged into this existing #roadmap topic. Be sure to scroll up to the top and click the VOTE button.

That said, bear in mind that shortcuts are not active or inactive. They execute a collection of actions which may or may not result in a change of state. But once the shortcut itself has executed, it is done.

It may be possible for certain shortcut pairs (eg. home/away) to change color if they were the last of the pair to execute. Perhaps that’s where this topic will lead.

In the mean time, you can check the status of execution of by tapping the Account tab and then Shortcut History.


I completely agree with how difficult it is to differentiate the shortcut icons from one another, let alone read the (abbreviated) text labels. I sound like a broken record again, but … there’s simply not enough contrast here (white on cyan). Honestly need to put my reading glasses on in order to know which one I’m tapping. Even if the circles were assigned alternating random colors would be helpful! :nerd_face:


7 shortcuts set up between the two cams uses. Right now going into Accounts>Shortcut History is ok. But, IMHO a different color “star” to designate status “active” would be a + improvement on a nice feature. If not that, would it be possible to add a “Shortcut History” icon/tab to the home page?

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@kimcheese2017, As explained by @OverWatch above, shortcuts are sequences of actions, not states. They are either successful or not, but don’t retain an active or inactive state. So changing the icon based on being active is not possible.

I think your idea of a small icon in the shortcuts section to take you directly to the shortcut history is a good one. Please submit that as a new #roadmap topic for approval. (See the pinned post at the top of #roadmap for info on how to submit.)

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I have 2 shortcuts, home and away. If I click on one I know what is supposed to happen but if I look at it later I can’t tell which is active, Home or Away?
Making an active shortcut a darker green or some other way to identify that it is set would be nice.

Thank you


Hello guys,

I’m new with Wyze products and so far I really like them.
I post here a suggestion for making a little UI/UX change in the icon we see at the shortcuts inside the app.

You can’t know by seeing the shortcuts if the are active or not with the actual icon design. So it will be better if the icons are more like iOS system icon where if it’s active, like wifi, it’s blue and if not, is just white with opacity or something like that.

The actual icon (a start, with some movement effects) doesn’t work well as UX/UI for the user.

Hope you can change them and make them more legible and recognizable :wink:

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Would like to also add my desire to this request. I understand that shortcuts are a set of actions that are either successful or not, but it just seems intuitive that if you are clicking “away” that you are creating/changing the “state” of your setup. There does not appear to be any way to see that you have turned notifications on/off without going into each camera. So some change to the camera image on the main screen or some “status” icon would be greatly appreciated.

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I use Android for the Wyze app. I would love to see the color change on the Shortcuts to be able to visually see which is active. Or some sort of change in the shortcut icon so that you can see which one is currently active.


May be, highlight a shortcut that’s been selected, then if any setting is subsequently changed un highlight all shortcuts


I have read the above about active vs inactive.

Is it possible to have, for example, a ‘dot’ under the shortcut last pressed? At least the user (me) would know the last action on MY part.


The shortcut history already shows the last action (Home or Away for example) - why not have the most recent item in that history show up (spelled out) on the shortcut page which contains the icons?



It would be nice to know which shortcuts are active. Either highlighted or shaded so you know what is active.


I raised this 3 or 4 months ago. Being able to visually see that a shortcut icon is activated is a HUGE benefit. Yes, the shortcut icon winks when you activate but how am I to know if my wife has set the Wyze cams v2 without hitting the icon again.

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Agree. Have Arlo as well and you can see the status relatively easily.


Bob Farris

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