Mailbox Sensor (Motion sensor)

Hello Community;

I just wanted to share one cool application I did using one of my Wyze motion sensors I mounted in my mailbox, drilled and fixed at the back of the mailbox.
I’ve seen other posts using contacts for mailbox and I tried but the range of the sensors is not so good when it is outside and even worst when installed on a metal box, so this is my solution.
The idea was to get notifications when the mail arrives and probably monitor the mailbox for burglaries, so far I am using only to monitor my mail arrival, it works pretty well, I also created a routine in Alexa and plays in my Kitchen Dot, also at arrival by using location.

See pictures attached and the Alexa routine screen captures, I hope you guys like it.




Nice work @drweld! I never thought of using a motion sensor like that on a mailbox. Tried with contacts on my in-laws but ran into to much signal loss. Will definitely try yours next time I’m there!


That is so cool! Nice workaround and set-up. I like your customized Alexa message as well. :slight_smile:


Nice! Way to think “outside the box”! :grinning: :+1:


I did similar and placed one in the bottom of a wall mounted mailbox. Hooked it up to Alexa for an announcement and IFTTT for a text to my phone. Works great.


Nice job!

Considering that I live in a ‘kid active’ neighborhood , I’m wondering if placing the sensor on the bottom of the mailbox might preclude any vandalism…

We just had a mail thief hit our street a day ago spurring me to try again with getting the motion sensor to work inside our metal mailbox. What worked for me was placing the motion sensor inside the mailbox, near the front instead of the rear. And, crucially, using a 3 foot USB extension cable to create some distance between the bridge and the camera, presumably lessening the RF interference between the two. For everyone else trying to make it work, keep experimenting and good luck.

I like Big_monkey’s idea to place the motion sensor in the bottom of the mailbox. If the motion signal is not reliable a small plastic mirror placed up inside against the back top corner at a 45 ° angle. the mirror would be glued or caulked in place with a custom-fitted piece of Styrofoam, @drweld system is certainly simpler than installing a modified contact sensor (with an external reed switch).
A very good approach.

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I’ve done that with a contact sensor on a metal mail box.

Alexa says … You’ve Got Mail.

Very good idea. I recommend picking up some Velcro at hardware store. Easier to work with until you figure out where you permanently want to mount the sensor.

@MJE, do I understand you correctly? You used a short M/F USB cable to dismount and extend the distance between the V2 camera and the sensor bridge with the cable? Excellent/Clever idea. thanks for that.

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Yes, that’s what I did. It clearly helped but the motion sensor still loses signal sometimes. I’m still planning on upgrading to version two once it’s available but for now it’s good enough.

Me too. I have a variety of Sense V2 stuff on order.