Mailbox Sensor (Motion sensor)

Hello Community;

I just wanted to share one cool application I did using one of my Wyze motion sensors I mounted in my mailbox, drilled and fixed at the back of the mailbox.
I’ve seen other posts using contacts for mailbox and I tried but the range of the sensors is not so good when it is outside and even worst when installed on a metal box, so this is my solution.
The idea was to get notifications when the mail arrives and probably monitor the mailbox for burglaries, so far I am using only to monitor my mail arrival, it works pretty well, I also created a routine in Alexa and plays in my Kitchen Dot, also at arrival by using location.

See pictures attached and the Alexa routine screen captures, I hope you guys like it.




Nice work @drweld! I never thought of using a motion sensor like that on a mailbox. Tried with contacts on my in-laws but ran into to much signal loss. Will definitely try yours next time I’m there!


That is so cool! Nice workaround and set-up. I like your customized Alexa message as well. :slight_smile:


Nice! Way to think “outside the box”! :grinning: :+1:


I did similar and placed one in the bottom of a wall mounted mailbox. Hooked it up to Alexa for an announcement and IFTTT for a text to my phone. Works great.