Lower minimum brightness for Wyze bulbs (dimmer)

Can the light bulbs be made to go dimmer than the minimum setting?

I do wish the bulbs would get dimmer. The lowest setting is still very bright (especially at night).

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I third that opinion.


I completely agree. I love the bulbs, but even 1% brightness is still very bright!

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yes please 1% is still like 200 lumens. Id love to order more, if they can dim more we will see

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The range of fully bright to fully dimmed is not very noticeable - is it possible to have the light dim completely?

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The bulb is so bright even if it’s set to 1%. I would like to see even more dimmer.


I just bought the wyze bulb 4 pack.i would like to request a dimming feature that goes beyond your current dimming.

Reason for this is we would like to use this like a night light. So we are looking for dimming that can bring it down to just a candle light lit

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Yes… please look into this.

1% is not truly 1% brightness… the scale is misleading.

Shouldn’t this thread be tagged with wyze-bulb, so it isn’t lost in the ocean of cam-related requests?

I believe they are looking at how to better situate the forum, this could be another area to separate things off via product.

I don’t think we’re going to start tagging the #wishlist requests by product in addition to development stage. But if you search the #wishlist for “bulb”, you will pretty much get every bulb related request.

I agree. This bulb at 1% is much brighter than anticipated.

Wish List:
Allow lower brightness levels.
Sunrise/sunset option in the automation options for turning bulbs on/off.

The minimum brightness is determined by the hardware so we unfortunately can’t really adjust the minimum brightness. However I hear the request and we are making sure to take it to account for future products. Thanks for the request!